Nigeria’s iROKOtv is Shutting Down Desktop Experience And Streaming Service In Africa


 Nigeria’s irokotv Will be shutting down its Desktop experience and streaming service on Lagos-based iROKOtv domain and apparently  in Africa, this is due to the fact that the  company will be redefining its experience on video-on-demand platform.
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 iROKOtv’s CEO, Jason Njoku made this known to the public few moments ago. “In Africa, we will essentially retire the .com,” Jason said.

The company will now target and channel its supreme energy on an exclusive mobile experience for its
African users and the new platform will definitely not include streaming service, but
will seemingly focus on  a download-only experience. The company says
“discovery and download” for offline viewing will be the new experience.

The re-branding will affirmatively commence by July 2015, but the company says current African subscribers/users will have continued access to the website.
Only “newfangled users will be not be able to see the desktop reality version,” they added convincingly.

  Nigeria’s iROKOtv is Shutting Down Desktop Experience And Streaming Service In Africa  

The dynamism  in the service delivery MO at iROKOtv is projecting  on the muscles of data available on the mobile and ISP subscribers in Nigeria
and Africa by extension where about 15% of its revenue is generated.
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“76% of our users are via the mobile internet. Android has taken time
to take root but is comfortably on the way to becoming the dominating
operating system in Nigeria and Africa,” Jason said. “If Nigerian
Internet is mobile, the Internet TV company which wins needs to go
mobile. It needs to embrace and build for that apparently simple (yet
incredibly complicated ) reality.”

iROKOtv’s intentions here is nonetheless not as mercurial as it may seems . Back in April, according to techcabal; the company introduced a download feature on its platform
that allows users download movies for offline viewing. The odds are,
what now obviously was a quiet experiment, has caught on very well
paving a clear path for iROKOtv’s restructuring.

The company will leave its services on the global space as is.
“Globally, where 85% of our revenues and subscribers lay, will remain
untouched,” the company says. “Streaming largely works just fine there.

iROKOtv is not the dominant and chief Nigerian internet company to set a course
for mobile-only.

This may as well turn out a limited-time shut down from iROKOtv, but
the company’s tone does not suggest a decisive experimental  approach to its
mobile-only focus, and Jason track record doesn’t make it hard to
believe that he could be burning bridges entirely.

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