Reddit To Encrypt All Its Web Traffic Beginning This Summer


Certainly if all you desire is to  ensure your  continual dependence towards looking at attractive
cat portraits is kept secluded, Reddit has your back guided.

Preliminary from July 29, all Reddit pages will be encrypted and kept secure
through HTTPS protocol. This fundamentally makes it unbearable and impossible  for hackers to scout and get useful information
on users or intercept data. Through this protection, Reddit will also not be
able to determine what username a person is logged in as or what posts the user
is submitting, an indispensable feature to a site that flourishes on
pseudonymous societies.

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Reddit will be joining Wikipedia and all federal websites that have also
turned toward encryption for security purposes. Bing announced
recently that all search traffic will be encrypted beginning this summer.  Just Last year, around August, Google publicized
that encoded/encrypted websites would receive a
small boost in search rankings
, further incentivizing a secure

Users can determine if a website is encrypted by looking for a green padlock
symbol in the address bar.

Photo: Reddit logo