Here’s your first look at Apple Music on Android

Here's your first look at Apple Music on Android
The long awaited Apple
Music is coming to Android this Ember period/season. And this is almost
certainly what it looks like.
without much delay, screenshots of
Apple’s streaming music service presume to be running on an Android device, Was
posted on Saturday by German website Mobile Geeks.The website claims the software is a confidential beta experiment
for a number of Android subscribers by extension.

Based on the screenshots (click the one shown here for a larger
version), it looks like Apple Music on Android would include all the same
features of its iOS counterpart, including Apple’s 24-hour radio service
Beats 1 and an identical recommendation engine resulting in the personalized
“For You” category.
According to
Mobile Geeks
, on the other hand, there are some notable disparities.The site claims Apple has “translated” its app to make it feel
more like Google’s Android apps. That’s a totally unlike approach from Google,
which makes no endeavor to make its apps feel like they belong on iOS, as an
alternative keeping their autograph Material Design look and feel.
Mobile Geeks also claims Apple Music on Android confines the
number of songs you can save for offline playback, even though there’s no word
yet on the storage limit, and if using an extra memory card in your
Android smartphone would expand  the said
storage. We’ve reached out to Apple for comment.
Again, this would be Apple’s second-ever Android app. The
company’s first app was an exodus
tool to assist Android fans and subscribers switch to iOS.