Computer Studies Examination Questions For Primary School Students in Nigeria

Subject:  Computer Studies    
Class:  Primary 1 
  • 1.     What is the full meaning of V.D.U    (a)  Visual display
    unit  (b)  Visual dislike unit  (c)  Visit display unit
  • 2.     How many types of monitor do we have?   (a)  1 (b)  2  (c)  3
  • 3.     Monochrome monitor shows how many color    (a)  3(b)  4  (c)  2
  • 4.     _______ is use to type into the system   (a)  Keyboard(b)  Speaker  (c)  Monitor
  • 5.     How many types of keyboard do we have?    (a)  3(b)  2  (c)  5
  • 6.     ________is example of keyboard    (a)  Standard keyboard  (b)  Monitor keyboard  (c)  Mouse keyboard
  • 7.     F1 to F12 is called    (a)  Function keys  (b)  Numeric keys  (c)  Alphabet keys
  • 8.     On the keyboard, letter A – Z is called    (a)  Alphabetical keys  (b)  Function keys  (c)  Numerical keys
  • 9.     0,1,2 to 9 is called        (a)  Function keys   (b)  Numerical keys  (c)
    Alphabetical keys
  • 10.      ________ is the long key on the keyboard       (a)  Space bar  (b)  Control bar  (c)  Alt bar
Section A
  •   Mention four (4) parts of computer
  •   List the two (2) types of monitor
  •   Mention two uses of computer
  •   Draw a monitor
Subject:  Computer Studies        
Class: Primary 3
1.     _________is the part of computer that we can see and touch        (a)  Software  (b)  Hardware  (c)  System ware
  • 2.     _________is the part of computer that we cannot see or touch        (a)  System ware  (b)  Hardware  (c)  Software
  • 3.     The hardware components of the system are made up of_________ parts         (a) Two  (b)  One  (c)  Four
  • 4.     Data is entered into the computer system through its________
    device         (a) Input  (b)  Output  (c)  System unit
  • 5.     _______ is an example of input
    device          (a)  Monitor  (b)  Printer  (c)  Keyboard
  • 6.     The CPU is the_________ of the computer            (a)  Brain  (b)  Tea  (c)  Water
  • 7.      The CPU has _________parts           (a)  Three  (b)  Six  (c)  Two
  • 8.     The control unit controls all the activities of the computer        True / False
  • 9. _______ device show the result of data processed in the computer  (a)  Input  (b)  Output  (c)  System
  • 10.   _______ is an example of output device (a)  Monitor  (b)  Mouse  (c)  Keyboard
  • 11.   What is the meaning of CPU       (a) Central pupil unit  (b)  Central processing unit  (c)  Circular payment unit
  • 12.   The________ is used to listen to sound from the computer
    (a)  Speaker  (b)  Television  (c)  Microphone
  • 13.    _________is use to click on the computer       (a)  Light pen  (b)  Mouse  (c)  Joystick
  • 14.  The part of the computer used to store information is called (a)  CPU  (b)  Monitor  (c)  Keyboard
  • 15.  The part of the computer that looks like television is called         (a)  CPU  (b)  Light pen  (c)  Monitor
  • 16. Light pen is used for      (a)  Typing  (b) Drawing  (c)  Seeing
  • 17. _______ is used to play computer games          (a)  Joystick  (b)  mouse  (c)  light pen
  • 18.   ________ is the father of computer      (a)  Bill Computer  (b)   Charles   (c)    Babbage
  • 19.         _____is the brain of computer  (a)  CPU  (b)  scanner  (c)     printer
  • 20.         Computer is used to calculate.  Yes/No
Section B
  • 1.     List the four (4) hardware components
  • 2.     What is input device
  • 3.     List the example of input device
  • 4.     List the examples of output device
Subject:  Computer Studies                           
 Class: Pry 2
  • 1.     The keyboard is used for  ______ into the computer  (a) sending  (b)
    tying     (c)  giving
  • 2 The mouse is usually placed on a soft material called the ______  (a)  keyboard pad     (b)  phone pad    (c)  mouse pad
  • 3  .   _____ is used to command the computer to carry out certain duties   (a) Mouse (b)    microphone   (c)  keyboard
  • 4 .      We use the microphone to speck to the computer  True/False
  • 5.      What we speak is usually recorded .  True /False
  • 6  .     Joystick is used for playing computer games.  True /False
  • 7.     Output devices are parts of the computer system  that makes the result of
    processing available to the computer user.  True /False
  • 8.     Output devices are part of the hardware components of the computer system  . True / False
  • 9.      _______ shows on its screen what is  typed into the computer
    (a) Printer   (b)  mouse   (c)  monitor
  • 10.       Monochrome monitor shows how many colour  (a)  3 (b) 2  (c)  4
  • 11.    A device used for printing is called ______ (a)  Printer
    (b)  N=mouse  (c)  scanner
  • 12.   How many types of monitor do we know   (a)    2 (b)
    3 (c)    5
  • 13.   What is the meaning of CPU (a) Central Pupil unit   (b) central Processing unit   (c)  circular payment unit
  • 14.   _____is used to click on the computer   (a) Light pen (b)   mouse    (c)  joystick
  • 15.  The two types of monitor are colour and _____ (a) Monochrome   (b) micro   (c)  super
  • 16.      Examples of output devices is ______  (a)  mouse   (b)  printer   (c) pard
  • 17.         The part of a computer that looks like a television is called ______
    (a) keyboard   (b)  monitor   (c)  light pen
  • 18.   Light pen is used for _____   (a) typing     (b) drawing   (c)  seeing
  • 19.   Computer can be found in the following places except one (a)
    Toilet  (b)  office     (c)   school
  • 20.     Computer can calculate.  True /False
Section B
  • 1.      How many part of keyboard do we have?
  • 2.     What do we use mouse for? 
  • 3.     List the output devices
  • 4.     Draw a keyboard
Subject:  Computer Studies      
Class:  Pry 4
1.     The device that moves a pointed arrow on a computer screen is known as
______  (a)    cursosr   (b) mouse   (c)  ball
2.       We can communicate with the computer using a mouse and without having to type commands.  True/False
3.      The mouse also has a bell at the bottom.  True /False
4.     A mouse has two or three button on it .  True /False
5.      The ball under the mouse is called _______  (a)  mouse pad
(b)     track ball   (c)   cursor
6.      The keys on a keyboard are divides into thee .  True/False
7.      The keys that are used to enter letters of the alphabet into the computer
is ________  (a)   functions keys   (b)
numeric key    (c)   alphabet keys
8.      ______is done by pressing and releasing the left muse button quickly  (a)
dragging     (b)   clicking     (c)   booting
9.      The______ refers to the process of starting the computer
10.           When the right mouse button is pressed a list of commands is displayed on the screen.  True of false
11.           The part for computer for printing information is called _____(a) monitor (b)    printer  (c)   joystick
12. Keyboard is used for typing .  True /False
13.  __ shows on the screen what is typed on the computer   (a)
Book   (b)  monitor    (c)  printer
14.   The first computer made several years is called _____   (a)  abacus counting machine    (b)   lowest counting machine    (c)  teachers counting machine
15.  Computer can be found in the following places except one   (a)
toilet     (b)  office    (c)  schools
16. The largest computer is called   _______  (a)  micro computer    (b)  super computer    (c)  mini computer
17.   Who is the father of computer?  __________
18.   _________  is an output device   (a)  keyboard   (b)mouse     (c) monitor
19.           Computer can talk.  True/False
20.           Computer is used in the office.  True / False
Section B
  • 1.     What is operating system?
  • 2.     Mention the common Irons we can find on a typical Pc desktop.
  • 3.     List the functions of mouse
  • 4.     What do we use mouse for? 
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