Nigerian Bloggers Can Now Make Money from Adblabla

Nigerian Bloggers Can Now Make Money from Adblabla
Adblabla is trying to make it fun and exciting for every blogger in Nigeria. Today, i recieved a mail from adblabla, which reads as follows;

We are in the process of launching a new feature that allows you to make money from Adblabla in addition to the FreeAds and Free Blog promotions that you are currently enjoying. However, this feature will be available for only Nigerian Blogs for now, but we will extend to other countries very soon.

Based on the above mail, you can fully gree with me that adblabla are currently projecting their innovative ideas/technology for a better blogging experience, which includes making good money online from sponsored post and free ads.. The second section of the mail, reads thus;

Let me explain how this will work.
If you visit some popular blogs , you will notice that they occasionally publish some sponsored posts, press releases, product reviews, etc.
So following the same style, our plan is to get some sponsored posts from people, send it to everyone on the Adblabla network, and Adblabla users that chooses to publish any of the posts on their blog or website will get paid per post. 
Now, to be fair we will be sending the posts to all websites on the network and we will pay each person based on their traffic and the amount we were paid.
This means that you will NOT be getting N50,000 for each post. Our estimation is that you will get between N100 and N500 per post and also some credits. 
We know that this amount appears to be very low, but because Adblabla is still new and we are still trying out this feature, we need to make the posts very cheap so people will be willing to give us a try. 
If we make it expensive. no one will try out this feature.
Our expectation is that after several posts, the amount you make will begin to add up as you start to publish multiple posts.
In addition to the posts above, we will also send you facebook posts to share on your facebook page and tweets to retweet to your twitter followers. For each one you do, you will also get paid. 
Again, it will not be a lot at the beginning, but over time, it will start to add up as we approach bigger companies who are willing to pay more.

If you’re strongly convinced about this program, kindly hit this signup link below :