Naturally Green and Healthy – Natural Grub Control for Lawns Research Challenge

Naturally Green and Healthy - Natural Grub Control for Lawns

Naturally Green and Healthy – Natural Grub Control for Lawns

Alternatives for the control of white grubs (beetle larvae) in lawns and turfgrass are needed to replace current synthetic chemical pesticides such as carbamate and neonicotinoid products that can no longer be used in many jurisdictions.
These insecticides are the industry standards, delivering 80 -100% control of destructive, root and surface feeding insects.

Regulatory pressure and public perception, however, have resulted in widespread bans and restrictions on the use of synthetic chemical pesticides. To meet the desire for increasingly environmentally-friendly approaches, the Seeker wants to develop novel grub control solutions that address the problems caused by grub feeding including direct grub damage to the turf and damage caused by animals foraging on the grubs.

The alternative solution will ideally deliver effective, i.e., greater than 70% control of grubs in turf, for at least 4 weeks, and meet standards for natural control products. Currently, alternative methods of grub control use biocontrol methods that have limited value for routine professional and residential use. The Seeker’s goal is to develop novel solutions to either control scarab beetle populations in turf systems or mitigate symptoms of grub feeding and secondary foraging. Technical approaches that significantly improve the efficacy and application of biocontrols, such as innovative delivery methods; biobased, non-biological or non-chemical/mechanical approaches that provide effective grub control or symptom mitigation are desired.

The solution must prevent or remove grubs (larvae) or mitigate symptoms from larval presence for a wide range of sub-surface feeding insect pest species without negatively affecting non-target species such as bees or established turfgrass health and appearance. This is a difficult challenge, requiring creativity and ingenuity to solve.

If your team’s solution to this challenge is accepted in full and awarded, you will each receive $3000.00.
If you are accepted to work with the team, you will be provided more information about this challenge, and you will be working online with approximately 3-4 other Problem Solvers and one experienced Facilitator.

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*Important*: If shortlisted, you will be required to sign a challenge agreement.  If you are currently employed and your team’s solution is accepted, *you will be required to get an IP release signed by your employer*.   Do not apply if you are not certain that your employer will sign this release.

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