We’re now sequencing DNA in space

We’re now sequencing DNA in space
DNA sequencing in microgravity. It simply happened. Space traveler Kate Rubins, who likewise has considerable experience with atomic science, led the test this weekend on board the International Space Station. 
You may ask why we have to test the DNA of space explorers while on missions, past that, it just sounds cool. All things considered, by, it’s to help space explorers analyze a disease, or conceivably recognize microorganisms that may distinguish a wellbeing danger. 
The sequencing-tech, the MinION, was produced by an organization called Oxford Nanopore, which is known for its little, quick and tough instruments that can work in the harshest conditions. 
“Welcome to frameworks science in space,” said Rubins in an announcement, after the initial few DNA particles had been effectively sequenced.

— NASA Astronauts (@NASA_Astronauts) August 29, 2016