Steps on How to ‘Provide Help’ (PH) in MMM United: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide (With Screenshots)

Steps on How to ‘Provide Help’ (PH) in MMM United: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide (With Screenshots)
MMM United is a Worldwide Mutual Aid Fund, a Financial Social Network, or you can equally call it a World People’s Bank. Obviously, the title is not the most important thing. The bottom line and the key thing here is that they are a voluntary informal association made up of millions of people globally. They have declared a war against the banks and the Fed to kick against financial slavery, and are on course to win the war!!

And for this purpose they have consolidated their capital in small amounts, but owing to the fact that there is a great number of people, running into the millions, it’s already a powerful network. The remarkable and unseen, silent power of this organization keeps growing day by day.

Banks exist not because of the bankers or the billionaires. They exist because of the common man who decides to deposit his savings at the bank. MMM United wants people to understand and see the reality. Why do they have to keep saving their hard-earned money in banks that charge them exorbitant interests? The answer to that is because that’s the only option they have. It’s a monopoly and with the banks being controlled by the Fed, their ultimate aim is to destroy the ordinary people.

“So, you have Created your MMM United Account, How then do you Go About a ‘Provide Help’, so that you can Watch your  Mavro Grow to a 100% ?”
Glad you asked… Because, it seems that, a lot of folks hit a roadblock at this stage after Signing Up to MMM United.

Since all transactions carried out in MMM United is done via bitcoins, let me show you how to use bitcoin(s) to transact!

First and primary Things First:
Immediately you finish creating your MMM United account, the first thing you need to do is, submit your Bitcoin account/wallet details to MMM United.

But, I Don’t Have a Bitcoin Account/Wallet Yet!!! : 

 Creating a Bitcoin account/wallet, is easy.

If you already have a bitcoin account, skip this stage.

There are many bitcoin wallet options out there…

I personally use, (because it’s worldwide – So, you can open a bitcoin wallet even in Nigeria). But, if you’re in the U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, Singapore and most European countries, you may also consider  or

Let’s use, for the purposes of this tutorial…

How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet (account) with :

Steps on How to ‘Provide Help’ (PH) in MMM United: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide (With Screenshots)
Click the ‘Wallet’ Tab
  • Step 3: Click the ‘Create Your Wallet’ button at the bottom of the screen
Steps on How to ‘Provide Help’ (PH) in MMM United: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide (With Screenshots)
Click the ‘Create Your Wallet’ Button
  • Step 4:  A dialogue box opens up… Just Enter your Email, a New Password, and Confirm the Password. Then, Check (tick) the ‘I have read and Agree to the Terms of Service box’. Finally, Click ‘Continue’

That’s all! …

You’ve just created a bitcoin wallet a.k.a bitcoin account.

It will serve as your online ‘bank’ for storing your bitcoins and also, carrying out transactions (like a ‘Provide Help’ transaction for instance).

Moving on…

Back to Your MMM United Account: Remember when I said, the first thing you need to do when you register your MMM United account was to Submit your Bitcoin account details?

Now that you have a bitcoin account, Let’s submit it to MMM United.

How to Submit Your Bitcoin Account Address to MMM United, in Order to be Able to do a PH or GH:

Without submitting your Bitcoin Address to MMM United, you will not be able to Provide Help (PH). Because, your bitcoin address, is like your Bank account number.

Therefore, in order to make a payment (PH), or Receive Payment (GH), you should have a sort of account number (bitcoin address)… Understood?

To Submit your Bitcoin Address to MMM United, follow these steps…

[Note]: You got to open multiple tabs on your Browser. Because, you’ll be going back and forth from MMM United to your Bitcoin Wallet (

  • Step 1: Get your Bitcoin address from your Bitcoin Wallet (account). To do this,…  Go to 

To View your bitcoin address, Click the ‘Receive’ button close to the ‘Send’ button. Your Bitcoin address will pop up. Copy it… I know it looks ugly (but, that’s your bitcoin address – believe it or not).

Steps on How to ‘Provide Help’ (PH) in MMM United: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide (With Screenshots)
Click the ‘Receive’ Button, to see your Bitcoin address

[Note]: You don’t need to save this bitcoin address because,… You are meant to Generate a new Bitcoin every time you want to perform a new bitcoin transaction!

  • Step 2: Go back to your MMM United account Homepage. Then, Click the ‘Account’ tab in the Upper Menu area. It asks you to input your bitcoin address. Go ahead and Paste your bitcoin address there. Then, hit ‘Save’
Steps on How to ‘Provide Help’ (PH) in MMM United: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide (With Screenshots)
Click the ‘Account’ Tab

When you Click ‘Save’, your bitcoin address automatically links up with MMM United. And, your name will automatically be displayed. This means that, MMM united will associate your account, with that bitcoin address.

OK, Thanks for all this Explanation… But, How the Hell I’m I Going to do a ‘Provide Help’ now that I’ve Created a Bitcoin Account and Linked it with my MMM United Account

Chill for a second mate…There’s no need to rush!

Now, to do a ‘Provide Help’…

  • Step 1: Go to your MMM United Account Homepage… You’ll see two enormously big buttons there. The Green button says, ‘I Want to Provide Help’, while the Orange button says, ‘Get Help’.

Click the ‘I Want to Provide Help’ button. Then, read the WARNING message,… If you’re okay with everything, Tick the small box underneath the Warning message… Then, go ahead and Click ‘Next’

  • Step 2: Another Window opens up… Check (tick) the small circle that says, ‘Bitcoin’. Then Click ‘Next’
  • Step 3: You’ll be provided with an empty box, where you can enter the Amount (in USD), that you’re willing to provide help for.

Type in the value of the amount you want to Provide. For example, if you want to provide a help of $100,… Just type in, 100 (don’t add any dollar symbol – the system already knows it’s in dollars).
Next, … Click the orange ‘Select’ button by the right. Then, type in the same amount you just entered in the previous box, into the other Box below the first one.

Finally,… Click the ‘Next’ button

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  • Step 4: When the next Window opens up,… Click ‘Confirm & Save’ button
  • Step 5: A Confirmation Pop up appears, asking you if you’re sure you want to finalize the Provide Help process for the given Amount you entered.

If you are really sure, Click OK.

[Note]: When you are matched with people for you to send the Help you declared you wanted to provide, then you for some reason don’t Send the Help after about 48 hours, your MMM United account will be blocked (forever)!!! So, whenever you declare to Provide Help, be sure to see it through to the end

  • Step 6: Wait!…

You’ve just offered to Provide Help for a certain dollar amount. So, wait for some time (between 2 minutes to 1 hour). You’ll be matched with 1 or more people.

You are required to Send specific amounts of bitcoins to each of those people you’ll be matched to.
Basically,… the sum of all the bitcoins you’re to send each of those individuals, is going to be equal to the total dollar amount you offered to Provide Help for previously (in the last steps).

That is, the dollar amount you offered to Provide Help for, will be automatically converted to the Bitcoin equivalent. And, the total Bitcoin amount, will be shared amongst those people you’re matched with.

Damn! This is Quite Exhausting!!!… Okay, How do I Send the Help (or donations) to the Individuals I’m Matched With?

Glad you asked (actually, I’m not)! This is pretty exhausting for me too (Whew)!…
The thing is, for you to Send Help to anybody, you have to have bitcoins right? (remember, all transactions done on MMM United, is via bitcoins).

So, since your Bitcoin wallet (account) is empty, you have to Buy bitcoins

To do this, you need to visit a Currency Exchange Website, where you can Buy bitcoins by sending them the naira, or dollar, or pound, or Yeun equivalent of the bitcoin(s) you want to buy.

[Tip]: At this point, you can actually buy the bitcoins in advance (before you’re even matched). So that, immediately you’re matched, you can quickly send the bitcoins to the person or people you’re matched with.

This is because, MMM United, will reward you with a 5% ‘Speed Bonus’ for how quickly you respond to your Provide Help.

Best Currency to Bitcoin Exchangers (websites) for Different Parts of the World: 

  • If you are in Nigeria, we recommend  or
  • If you’re in the U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, Singapore and European Countries, we recommend
  • If you’re in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, we recommend

Note: Some of these Currency-to-Bitcoin Exchangers credit your bitcoin wallet immediately you complete your order, while others will take a few minutes or hours, to manually verify your order/payment, before crediting your bitcoin account/wallet with the amount of bitcoins you ordered.

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