Top 10 Blogs That Accept Guest Posts In Nigeria

Top 10 Blogs That Accept Guest Posts In Nigeria
Nobody can underestimate the efficacy of Guest posting. Without doubt it still remains one of the most effective content marketing strategies in history. Guest Posting allows new and existing startups to get their voice heard by millions. But there are many things you will need to consider before choosing a blog for guest posting.

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What is guest posting? In a simple term, guest posting is all about publishing articles on other peoples’ blogs. You simply request a guest posting opportunity from an admin of another blog. If he/she agrees, then you publish your article on his/her blog.

But why should you get involve in guest publishing?
Here are the 10 Benefits of Guest Posting;
(1) Get quality targeted traffic
(2) Build domain and search engine authority
(3) Build your portfolio and credibility
(4) Increase exposure and brand awareness
(5) Build your subscriber base*
(6) Build relationship
(7) Become an Expert
(8 ) Capture wider audience
(9) Improve your writing
(10) Get the links*

Before you choose a blog for guest post, there are many things you will consider;
(1) Blog traffic quality: here I don’t mean high traffic blog, instead quality traffic that will convert to your intended products or services. So many people make mistakes by paying very high advertising fee on entertainment blogs not knowing that their reader may not be very interested in any other things apart from cheap leisure. So, while publishing your guest post, make sure you choose a blog that already have a well defined readers. We call it marketable audience. If you want to sell an eBook on how to make money online, then publish your guest post on blogs that writes about wealth creation, investment or business opportunities. 

(2) Blog Domain Authority: According to DMOZ “Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the “strength” of your website over time.” This is very vital signal in search engine ranking. It could be difficult to know which domain have high authority but we have done this research for you came out with the top 10 blogs.

(3) Domain page rank: The higher the Page Rank, the greater the potential for that page to rank well. It’s usually ranked from 0-10. So, you will benefit better if you publish a guest post on blogs that have high page ranks.

(4) Acceptability of Guest Post:
You will agree with me that not all blogs accept guest post. The few ones that do accept guest post have stringent content quality guidelines that almost disqualifies most new blogs who just want to get awareness. This is a serious case in blogging industry. I have personally sent over 1,000 guest posting request and over 100 turned down my articles while 700 plus did not even respond. This makes the whole thing to be frustrating. Don’t worry, I have researched on those quality blogs that will accept your guest post here in Nigeria.

Top 10 Blogs that Accept Guest Post in Nigeria
Having considered all the criteria discuses above, I have researched and confirmed the following blogs below. All of them have quality traffic, good page ranks and domain authority, and interestingly, they will accept and publish your guest posts. All you need to do is to contact them and you will get a positive response.

1. (PR = 2)
2. (PR = 1)
3. (PR = 3)
4. (PR = 3)
5. (PR = 3)
6. (PR= 2)
7. (PR = 1)
10. MMO.Ng

From my experience, all of the listed blogs will accept and publish high quality articles from guest publishers. They have already build their audience. So all you need is to tap from them.