The New FotoJet Designer

The New FotoJet Designer
Credit: Fotojet

Technology seems to be the gradual discovery of the worlds ignorance. As beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; so can aesthetic and exceptional  ideas  be turned into Stunning Artworks. Practically, FotoJet meets all your needs to create graphic designs, make
photo collages and edit  stunning photos. When it comes to the center of designing excellence, the Fotojet designer has it all guided. 

The new FotoJet Designer adds colors to  any graphic design at an accelerated speed and easier than ever. With this unique and exceptionally packed tools, virtually everyone including novice can create unique and professional designs with only a few clicks and minimum effort because of its ease of use and high performance.

=>FotoJet Designer

A powerful, yet easy to use, graphic design app that allows you to create unique social media graphics, cards, invitations, posters, flyers, logos, and banners in a matter of seconds.

=>What Can You Do With FotoJet Designer

You can create personalized designs, no matter who you are.
Even with no professional skill, you can get fantastic designs, such as cards,
invitations, posters, flyers, banners, social media graphics for Facebook,
YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr in a matter of
seconds with FotoJet Designer’s 900+ templates, thousands of resources, and
powerful editing tools.
Powerful and Easy to Use
Designer makes graphic design faster and easier than ever. Everyone can create unique
and professional designs with only a few clicks and minimum effort because of its ease of use and high performance.
=> Abundant
Templates and Resources

will find over 900 professionally designed templates arranged in various
categories, including Facebook Cover, YouTube
Channel Art, Poster, Card, Invitation, Flyer, Logo and Banner. To make your
designs more outstanding and unique, add you own photos from computer, Facebook,
or online photo stock, and you have a wide choice of other resources, including
80+ text fonts, 30+ preset text styles, 800+ preset clipart images, 80+ background
patterns, and 80+ lines & shapes.
=>Personalize Your Designs Freely

can move, resize, rotate, and crop photos to make them fit your designs. And
there are many photo effects available to give your photos a creative look.
Text can be edited freely with custom font, size, color, style, and effect as per requirements. Also,
you are given the ability to start a design with custom size and select
multiple elements to edit them quickly. There are more helpful tools you can
use to personalize your designs efficiently, such as layer management,
undo/redo, auto snap, and zoom in/out.
=>Save or
The New FotoJet Designer
When you’ve finished a design, save it as a JPG or PNG image, or share online with friends and family via Facebook,
Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. You can even save it as a project and load for further

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