10 Benefits of Exercise You Never Knew and How to Enjoy Them

10 Benefits of Exercise You Never Knew and How to Enjoy Them

Part 1

–For many of us today, we can get so busy trying to earn a living that we do not bother to exercise. 

–Often times we do not even realize how important taking time out to do some exercise can affect our overall quality of life and even how long we live.

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.But I strongly believe that if you got to find out some of the remarkable benefits you could get from incorporating exercise into your daily routine and that your very life expectancy can hinge on whether or not you do some regular exercise, you will give it a second thought.
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The benefits of exercise are numerous and you may actually know some of them. But I will try to capture some of the most profound that most of us may not be aware of.

Hopefully, after reading this you will finally get the motivation you need to hit the gym or street or even begin one form of exercise or another in your backyard, whatever your preference.
So what are some of the rewards you will reap from regularly engaging in exercise and how can you enjoy them?
Benefit #1. Boosts Your Self Confidence
Irrespective of your size, weight, age or gender, exercise can easily boost your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. This will have a domino effect on other aspects of your life.
You suddenly find yourself ready to take on tasks you previously shied away from thereby enriching your life as a whole as you can now go for more without feeling intimidated.
Achieving more and maybe even picking up some awards along the way will do your confidence and feeling of fulfillment in life no harm at all.
Benefit# 2. Helps Prevent Cognitive Decline
Aging and degenerative diseases kill off brain cells leading to a loss in important brain functions.
However, regular exercise and a healthy diet can prevent this occurrence and keep you in top shape even while aging.
Benefit #3. Helps to Control Addiction
When responding to pleasures such as sex, drugs, alcohol or food, the brain releases the “reward chemical” known as dopamine. 

Just to remind you that Just One Alcoholic Drink a Day Increases Breast Cancer Risk, Exercise Lowers Risk.

Some people become addicted to dopamine and dependent on the substances that produce it. But regular exercise sessions can effectively distract such people from these acts and when continued becomes the new habit thereby displacing the addictions.

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Benefit #4. Improves Your Productivity
Research shows that workers who make a habit of engaging in exercise on a regular basis are more productive and have more energy than their more sedentary peers.

Many experts believe that midday is the perfect time to go for a workout due to the body’s circadian rhythms so you may consider taking some time out of your busy schedule to do some exercise and give your productivity a boost.

This may just be the x-factor that will help you land that contract, secure that deal and achieve that career milestone you have been dreaming of all this while.

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Of course, more productivity could easily mean more money into your bank account. I am sure you could always do with some more if you are anything like any of us.

Benefit #5. Can Make You an Inspiration to Others
Studies show that most people perform better on aerobic tests when paired with a workout partner. Whether you attribute it to inspiration or the inherent competitive spirit in us, nobody wants to let the other down. It has therefore been observed that being part of a team usually raises an athlete’s tolerance for pain and leads to increased output and improvement.
Also, by merely watching you exercise regularly, others can be inspired to either do same or commit to an activity they have often procrastinated on. 

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You easily become a reference point as your commitment becomes a motivating factor for others observing you including members of your immediate family.

Watch out for the concluding part tomorrow! Plus how to enjoy the benefits.