Basics on How to Drive an Automatic Car

Basics on How to Drive an Automatic Car
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An automatic transmission car is much easier to drive if
compared with a manual transmission car. But in many situations, beginners or
unskilled drivers experience driving difficulties and this actually results from
lack of expertise.
Verily and by way of ignoring the basics on how an automatic car should be operated, a driver (who is probably addicted to manual cars)
could easily conclude that automatic cars are seemingly difficult to drive.

Even as a long-serving driver, the basics for driving
automatic cars have to be learnt and practiced just to avoid mistakes or any
other driving defects.
In order to smarten your driving experience and save you
from the headaches inflicted by your faulty use of automatic cars, here are few
basics you should comply with:
Before starting up any car with automatic transmission, the
lever should be properly fixed in the position P.  In fact, several sorts of automatic cars come
with a system that prevents the vehicle from starting up if it is fixed in a
gear position other than P. 

Having maintained that the gear selector is set to P (before
the start-up), you can then start the vehicle by keeping on the brake and
changing the gear position to D –which stands for Drive. With this done, set
the brake pedal free as gently as you can.
If there is need to pull up the vehicle for a brief period
(while driving), hold down the brake pedal and ensure the gear selector is set
at D.
Unlike a manual car, an automatic car is basically equipped
with 4 gear positions denoted with N, R P and D. In that case, N stands for Neutral and it means no gear is set in
motion. Secondly, R symbolizes Reverse
as it may be operated to reverse the vehicle while driving it. In the third
case, P represents Park as it may be
devised for pulling up the vehicle. Lastly, D stands for Drive and it may be used in starting up the vehicle and driving it
Automatic cars are equipped with features distinct from
those of manual transmission cars. In this regard, you’re advised to note some
of the features an automatic car lacks but can be found in manual cars. For
instance, an automatic car doesn’t come with a clutch pedal. Therefore, ardent
drivers/users of manual cars are strongly cautioned never to over-indulge
themselves in frivolous driving as this might result in their oblivion to the
condition that automatic transmission cars are devoid of clutch pedals.
If you were previously given to driving manual cars and just
have to drive an automatic car for the first time, you could be hemmed in by a
difficult situation such as searching for the clutch pedal, whereas this
doesn’t exist in an automatic car. 

Meanwhile, you’re cautioned to ensure your left foot is
positioned on the footrest before you set off an automatic car.

Very importantly
and by cultivating this habit, you’re certain to be in a driving position devoid of discomfort.

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