How to Activate Windows 7

How to Activate Windows 7
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Basically, Microsoft may set Windows 7 to run automatic
activation after being installed on a PC or laptop. But at times, you have to
run manual activation of your newly-installed Windows 7 especially when it is
not designed to become activated manually. Meanwhile, Microsoft demands that
you activate your Windows 7 (after installation) just to prove the authenticity
of the operating system. In this respect, Microsoft ensures that your copy of
Windows 7 is free from unauthorized use by any third party. By activating your
Windows 7, you typically assure Microsoft that it is only your own computer
hardware that uses your copy of Windows 7.
There are several means for manually activating your copy of
Windows 7. Basically, you can get it activated on the internet, through
or simply by other means. However in this post, you will be shown how
you can easily run the manual activation of your copy via the internet.
Meanwhile, we believe this method is easily digestible and very practicable.

To run the manual activation of your copy of Windows 7 via
an online source, here are the simple steps you should follow:

Before you start, ensure you have access to the
Locate the Start icon (found at the extreme
end of the bottom left-hand corner) and click on it
The emerging on-screen command shows up several
options; move your arrow down to the Computer option and right-click it
Choose Properties from the next options
With that done, the System Properties window
will show up
Below the window, you will find several links.
From these links, choose Activate Windows online now (this is usually the
first link)
The activation then requires an active internet
connection. (The activation software automatically explores your PC for any
active connection to the internet. If otherwise your computer system doesn’t
have any active connection, you will have to secure a manual internet
connection for it. By the way, Activate Windows online now easily
becomes accessible if as soon as any active internet connection is found on
your computer system.
With an internet connection in place, you will
be prompted to provide your activation key (this is your Windows 7 product key
and it must be a valid key comprising 25 characters. Meanwhile, this is the
ultimate need to get your copy of Windows 7 activated. And helpfully, the
compatible product key may be found somewhere around the case you were given
together with an installation DVD for Windows 7, or probably on the rear part
of your PC’s case)
However, you will have to buy a new product key
in case the original one is nowhere to be found
Having found your 25-character product key or
obtained a new one, type it in the box provided and click on the Next icon
to complete the Windows 7 activation