How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 7

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 7
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In reality, taking a screenshot is not an arduous task but again, it could seem very tricky as regards the different methods associated with various Windows operating systems.

Meanwhile, advancement in technology and the strong urge to learn tricky things have proved that there is hardly something that cannot be learnt or understood.

In view of the essence of a screenshot, you may need to provide a faraway person with the details of what appears on your computer screen. In other conditions, somebody may request for the visual illustrations of something in order to prove its authenticity. By the way, if there is need to send somebody what appears on the screen of your computer, you may have to consider taking a screenshot.

As an alternative, a person may prefer to simply capture his computer on-screen information using his phone’s camera. But in situations where the use of this might seem difficult or unsatisfactory, it is very reasonable to consider taking a screenshot with the help of certain tools located on a computer system.

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In this post, I will show you the basic method through which a screenshot may be taken in no time.

However, the method to be provided is basically for users of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. In detail, you can achieve the purpose by using the pre-installed Microsoft Paint coupled with the help of your keyboard.

By way of using your keyboard, follow the steps below in order to take a screenshot:

· In order to capture the entire dimension of your computer screen, look for where the fn and the PrintScreen buttons are located on your keyboard.

Then press them this way fn + prt sc (NOTE: The PrintScreen button is denoted with prt sc and it is located on the far right-hand side just beside the delete button while the fn button is found at the bottom left-hand side of your keyboard just beside the Ctrl button)

· Likewise, you can just look for the Alt button and press it together with the PrintScreen button. However, you can only do this if you wish to take a screenshot of just the active window.

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· With that done, you can save the captured image by simply using a pre-installed Microsoft tool known as Paint.

· To locate Paint on your computer system, open the Start icon. From the options that pop up, choose Paint immediately you find it. But if you can’t find Paint directly, you will find All Programs.

· Having explored All Programs, you will have to choose Accessories from the available options. And right under Accessories, there are many tools including Paint.

· When you open Paint, you will find the word Paste among the options in the Edit menu. This is located just on the top left-hand corner of your computer screen.

· When you tap on Paste, the captured information appears right on the screen (Alternatively, you can choose to use Ctrl + V in case you wish to save it on your keyboard)

· To set your preferred location for the captured information, choose File from the Edit menu (File is purple-coloured and it exists at the topmost right-hand corner above Paste and just beside a curve-shaped arrow). Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + S in case you find it difficult to use File

· With File chosen (or alternatively Ctrl + S), the next on-screen information will allow you to specify your preferred location for the screenshot. Meanwhile, this comes as a Save As option with which you can save the screenshot in Desktop, within Libraries or probably in any other preferred destination.

· Other than the ability to save the screenshot in your desired destination, you can use the medium to set your preferred file type and file name.