How to Use Facebook Free Mode on Airtel

How to Use Facebook Free Mode on Airtel
Image Credit: Rainbowtab

Airtel has proved a significant edge in offering its
customers several internet features. Among these features is Facebook Flex –a
feature specified for Airtel users to browse Facebook freely on their Android
With the introduction of Facebook Flex, Airtel has shown its
strong commitment to boosting its services and amazing its estimable
subscribers. Without doubts, Airtel’s free mode is an opportunity for many
Nigerians to chat with friends on Facebook even when they run out of data.

Through Facebook Flex, Airtel allows you to enjoy free
internet surfing on Facebook and this means you can chat with your beloved ones
without being charged for your internet session or any messages sent. 
this free browsing mode is only supported on Facebook messaging app and
this means you can’t enjoy the service via your web browser such as UC browser
or Opera Mini.
Another impressive aspect of Airtel’s free mode for Facebook
–alternatively called Facebook Flex –is that any data bundle on your phone
remains intact as long as you’re browsing via the free mode. To ensure you’re
browsing Facebook without data charges, a notification appears at the top right
corner of your Facebook mobile app indicating Go to Free. With this notification, you’re encouraged to switch to
the free mode so that no data charges apply to your use of Facebook.
Despite the fact that the free mode requires no charges, it
has some restrictions and one of these restrictions is that you’re not allowed
to access Facebook photos. But again, you can make up for this restriction by
simply toggling between free mode and data mode. For instance, you can use data
mode if you need to access Facebook photos. On the other hand, you can switch
to free mode in case you want to send messages without accessing photos.

Steps Required to Use Facebook Flex on Airtel
On your smartphone, go to mobile data and switch it on
After that, launch the Facebook app on your
Android phone or visit the URL
However, Facebook Flex might not appear on the
Facebook of your Android phone
In that case, navigate to your Facebook Menu and
select the icon indicating Facebook Flex