How to Create an iCloud Account

How to Create an iCloud Account
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Experienced and long-term users of iPads/iPhones understand
the importance of an iCloud account. In case you do not know, the other name
for your Apple ID account is iCloud. But why do you think it is essential that
you create an iCloud account for your iPad or iPhone?

Your iCloud account is an essential store where you can find
a broad range of Apple services and products. With the help of an iCloud
account, you’re guaranteed easy access to all the amazing services and products
Apple  can offer you. So, stay glued to
this post to find out the easy steps for iPhone and iPad users to sign up for
an iCloud account.
Steps for iPhone or Ipad Users to Create an iCloud Account

To begin the process, navigate to settings on
your iPad/iPhone
Under settings, click on the iCloud option
From the next options, select Create Apple ID
Provide your personal details including date of
birth and name (first name and last name)
Input your email address (NOTE: You can choose
to receive a free email address from iCloud. Alternatively, you can simply
input an existing email address in case you have one)
If you’ve already provided your existing email
address instead of receiving a free iCloud email address, you will be required
to activate your iCloud account after completing the registration procedures
(NOTE: To activate your iCloud account, you will check your current email to
follow the activation instructions sent to it)
After that, you will be required to create a
strong and confidential password for your iCloud account (NOTE: This is
strongly mandatory and you’re expected to make it a strong password very
difficult for you to remember but hard for others to guess. To do this, you
must combine digits with upper-case and lower-case letters. A good example of
this is “SolSeg52’’)
After creating the password, you will have to
input it once again just to verify that there is no mismatch
With that done, tap the Next button to proceed
At this juncture, you’re required to choose the
questions you’re capable of answering or remembering on any grounds (NOTE:
These are called security questions and they will be strongly needed to help
you retrieve your iCloud account in case you find it difficult to remember your
After choosing the security questions, tap the
Next button to proceed
Now, you will be required to input another email
address (This is the rescue email address and it could be helpful in recovering
your iCloud account in case you find it hard to remember your password)
Although the rescue email is quite important, it
isn’t compulsory that you provide it before you can proceed with the next step
To complete the process, you will have to agree
to Apple’s terms of service (NOTE: This is compulsory and until you do it, you
won’t be able to access iCloud login)

After agreeing to the terms of service, exercise
little patience for your iCloud account to be set up in a matter of few