How to Retrieve Hacked Instagram Account (for Android Users)

How to Retrieve Hacked Instagram Account (for Android Users)
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Across the social media, Instagram is one of the widely-used
platforms with millions of people already recorded as having Instagram
accounts. As a social media platform, Instagram is an exciting avenue for
people to enliven themselves, relate with others and share interesting
information with friends and other beloved ones.

On any grounds, Instagram is an interesting avenue to use
and this is actually why you must have missed interesting gists and fun if
you’re left out of Instagram presence. There are Instagram account owners from
every sphere of the world and this makes it easy for you to connect with a
multitude of Instragam users.

If you’re given to using Instagram, you will easily agree
that the social media platform is mostly admired for its lovely technology of
enhancing photos and videos. On Instagram, you can enhance your media files and
directly share them to other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
Instagram uses a variety of impressive tools to enhance your photos/videos and
ensure that they are spruced up in the most appealing style. Quite
interestingly, there is a moderate way to use Instagram tools while enhancing
photos. In this regard, you can improve the look of your Instagram photos
without any loss of natural quality.
Having digressed enough, it is worthy to remember that this
article is majorly aimed at showing you what to do in case your Instagram
account is hacked. Verily, your Instagram account is as important as your
social media presence and this is just why you’re advised to use a
strong password and ensure you don’t allow unauthorized access to your login
details such as username and password.
The step-by-step method for retrieving a hacked Instagram account varies and before you attempt it, you must be sure that your account
has been truly hacked. If this actually happens, you might not have any access
to your login details especially if they had been changed by the person who
pried into your Instagram account.
As noted earlier, the method for restoring a hacked
Instagram account varies and this article clearly centres on how users of
Android phones can restore their hacked Instagram accounts.
Steps for Android Users to Restore Hacked Instagram Account

Launch the Instagram mobile app on your Android
On the login page, you will find an icon
implying Get help signing in (NOTE:
This icon is underneath the Login
On the next page, click on Use Username or Email

There is an arrow at the top right corner of the
page. When you click on the arrow, you will find an option indicating Need more help

Click on the Need more help icon to see the instructions you should comply with
in order to restore the hacked account