How to Retrieve Your Hacked Instagram Account

How to Retrieve Your Hacked Instagram Account
Image Credit: Businessinsider
In reality, you might not have any liking for Instagram but
for those who are passionate lovers of super-quality photos coupled with
exquisite graphics, Instagram is always the greatest option. 
Like several other social
media apps, Instagram enables users to use their phones in taking
pictures or videos and make them go viral through sharing. But Instagram is
much more impressive than many other social media apps as it enables you customize your pictures
with excellent features and effects.

thousands of social media addicts have used Instagram in taking quick photos
and videos which they easily share on their Twitter handles or with their
Facebook friends. To magnify your awesome moments on social media, Instagram
serves as a medium that directly links your photos and videos to your social
media accounts.

to the focal point of this post, your Instagram account is one of the social
media assets you shouldn’t afford to lose. Although you can create a new
Instagram account, you can’t still afford to lose the massive Instagram
followers and likes you’ve garnered to boost your social presence.
ensure you have your Instagram account back in case anyone pries into it and
hacks it, here are the easy steps you can follow:
Open this link to access
Instagram help page
There is an icon implying Privacy and Safety Centre (NOTE: This is found on the left column
of the help page)
Click on the icon after locating it
Now, navigate downwards to select the icon
implying Report Something

From the emerging options, select Hacked Accounts (NOTE: This option is
located at the top left hand corner)
After that, you will be shown an option
indicating I think my account has been
. After clicking on this, a pop-up menu will be displayed on your
From the pop-up menu, select Report it to us

In case you can still sign in to your Instagram
account despite the fact that it has been hacked, Instagram will then require
you to change to a new and stronger password

If on the other hand you find it difficult to
login to your Instagram account, then the required solution is to use the
Instagram mobile app