How to Avoid Scholarship Seminar Scam

Most times, seminars are organized for students to help them with the scholarship application process. Follow these steps to avoid being scammed by fake seminar organizers:

Do not believe hook line and sinker any success stories or testimonials you hear during the course of the seminar. This might be a ploy from the organizers to get you more interested.

Always investigate further and ask a lot of questions and be observant to see if they feel uncomfortable. Be cautious about purchasing from seminar representatives who are reluctant to answer questions or who give evasive answers to your questions. Legitimate business people are more than willing to give you information about their service.

Avoid being pressured into paying for any service especially if you have any misgivings about it.Talk to a financial aid adviser before spending your money n any organization who knows you might get the same help you are seeking for free.

Get every detail from the organizers in writing to serve as a proof. The money charged for the services that will be performed and the company’s refund policy should all be in written form. This is because most times you do not get a refund of your money when the services are not rendered and they might even deny any promise they might have made. The written copy will serve as a proof of this.