Top 4 Google AdSense Alternatives for Your Blog

Top 4 Google AdSense Alternatives for Your Blog
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AdSense is globally recognized monetization program acquired by Google in 2003. Currently, it is the most popular monetization program on the web and at all times, many bloggers can affirm this. Although there are several reputable alternatives, Google AdSense remains the best monetization platform for the bloggers who want exquisite ads to appear live on their blogs.

Whether you’re a new blogger or the seasoned one, you must have heard or known two or more things about Google AdSense. In a nutshell, Google AdSense is an easy-to-use online program that allows bloggers to make reasonable profit by placing ads on their websites.

Although Google AdSense has remained the  top priority of many bloggers, you might not get the approval to use it as a monetization tool. To help you in this regard, I have come up with some of the best monetization networks you can use in place of Google AdSense.

READ THIS: How Can I Use Infolinks and Google AdSense together? is a leading marketplace to showcase adverts. To a large number of people, it is the best ad program you can use in place of Google AdSense. As a technology-intensive platform, specializes in the design and development of digital ad services for advertisers and publishing agents. The operations of are widespread across prominent centres such as Bangalore, New York, Mumbai, Dubai and Los Angeles. Moreover, is best recognized for its effective management of contextual ad programs with a huge staff base of 500 employees.

PropellerAds Media

PropellerAds began operation in 2011 and within a short time frame, the company has emerged into the global lineup of leading ad monetization platforms. PropellerAds boasts of substantial CPMs and as a monetization program, it helps websites in making profit across blogging niches such as gambling, software, entertainment, finances, movies, dating and gaming.

PropellerAds is best recommended for websites that boast of huge traffic generated from mobile visitors. If you have any of these websites, you can make use of this ad network most especially when Google AdSense fails to approve your request.

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PopAds is one of the most trusted monetization programs for bloggers to use. Basically, the ad network largely deals with Pop Unders and its monetization services are available on a global basis. Interestingly, PopAds allows you to place your ads easily and you can even withdraw your earnings on a daily basis if your daily earnings are up to $5. If Google AdSense bans you, I guess PopAds is one of the best alternatives you have.


About 128 countries have benefited from the ad monetization services offered by Infolinks. Through the ad space available to them, over 200, 000 online publishing agents have profited substantially. Infolinks requires no setup charges and its ad services are available to both low-end and high-end publishers. Moreover, the monetization network makes use of top-quality and competent advertisers. These advertisers are highly regarded for having partnered with reputable brands including TripAdvisor, Facebook, Pizza, Ebay, Amazon and many others.