Top 4 Universities in the World for 2017

Top 4 Universities in the World for 2017
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On a yearly basis, changes occur in the global rankings of universities. Universities are ranked majorly for their academic performances
and achievements in terms of innovations, research, international outlook, qualitative
teaching and few other factors.

Therefore, this article contains the top 4 universities in the world for 2016-17 in accordance with the statistics provided by the Times
Higher Education in ranking the world’s leading universities.

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University of Oxford

Regarded as the best university in the world for 2017, the
University of Oxford is the longest-existing tertiary institution in the United
Kingdom. There is no certainty about its actual date of establishment but it
has been proved that teaching was held in the university in 1096.

The University of Oxford is situated in the ancient city of
Oxford with more than 100 libraries and a total of 44 colleges. Also, the
institution welcomes aspirants from across the world and this gives it a
significant number of foreigners sparsely hailing from 140 countries.

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology is one of the best
tertiary institutions in the United States. Situated in California, the
university is a research and education institution concerned with the promotion
of engineering and scientific innovations. With intense concentration on
science and technology, California Institute of Technology offers academic
programmes on the backbone of six academic divisions. Like several other
leading universities, California Institute of Technology has a number of
outstanding alumni with notable academic achievements such as Nobel Prizes.

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Stanford University

Established in 1885 as an academic institution centrally
positioned within Silicon Valley, Stanford University is the third best
university in the world. It was set up by the pair of Leland Stanford and Jane
Stanford in a bid to protect the welfare of the public through great impact
which stands for civilization and humanity. In its academic statistics,
Stanford University is occupied by over 16, 300 students. Basically, the
university welcomes aspirants from all the states in the US. Also from around
the world, the university welcomes aspirants from over 90 countries.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is the fourth best university in
the world for 2017. Located in the United Kingdom, the University of Cambridge
has been in existence since 1209 and claims laudable standards as a public
institution for research purposes. Also, the University of Cambridge dominates
the 4th position of oldest existing universities across the world.
As a global research institution, the University of Cambridge have
international students coming from various lengths and breadths of the world.