Top 4 Vocational Skills You Can Acquire in Nigeria within Months

Top 4 Vocational Skills You Can Acquire in Nigeria within Months
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Vocational skills have always trended in Nigeria and the
constant increase in the country’s population signifies that there is need to
acquire one or more vocational skills to overcome the problem of unemployment.

Vocational skills are interesting things to acquire but many
Nigerian youths feel reluctant to take up vocational training due to the
lengthy duration required to acquire expertise of certain vocational skills.
Based on findings, I have come up with the top 4 vocational skills Nigerians
can acquire in a matter of months. For the fact that these skills are trendy,
they will continue to yield profit.
Laptop/Computer Repair

Laptop repair is a profitable vocational skill which you can
acquire within months. Besides the ease with which you acquire it, Laptop
repair guarantees substantial profit because laptops/computers are gadgets
widely used by Nigerians. When they develop faults, there is always the need to
take them to professionals for repair.
Just like phone repair, what guarantees customers’ patronage
in phone repair is your proficiency as well as the trustworthiness you show
your customers. Moreover, laptop repair is much more profitable than phone
repair because you can earn as high as #5,000 (or even more) for repairing just
one laptop.
Phone Repair

Millions of Nigerians have phones and it is quite beyond
doubt that a multitude of Nigerian adults own two or more phones. Like other
gadgets, phones have the tendency of developing faults. When phones become
faulty, you don’t expect Nigerians to dispose of them. As a result, phone
engineers have the opportunity to make money by repairing faulty phones.
Phone repair is one of the commonest vocational skills in
Nigeria and the fact that mobile technology is ever increasing means the
business (of phone repair) will remain profitable. Within 3 or 4 months of
thorough apprenticeship, you can acquire the basic skills of phone repair.
Depending on your expertise and your trustworthiness, customers will locate
you. Also, phones develop various kinds of faults and the lowest amount you
earn from repairing a single phone is #500. Meanwhile, you can earn far beyond
this on a single phone but this usually depends on the fault the phone has
Interior Decoration

People like to beautify their homes with stunning
decorations and this is why the services of expert interior decorators are
usually in demand. The skill of interior decoration is very easy to acquire and
to ensure you acquire it early enough, you need to associate yourself with
professionals who get regular inflow of jobs. Week in and week out,
professionals are needed to decorate halls especially for events like
birthdays, weddings and other dignified parties.

You will find barbers in virtually every cranny and nook of
a city. This has made barbing a certified source of income for those who took
ample time to acquire the skill. Even if you don’t have enough capital to own a
barber’s shop, you still have the chance to meet somebody who is ready to
invest in your barbing skill. If you’re professional and trustworthy, you will
surely find somebody who is ready to employ you as a barber. But in this case,
you should know that not all the profit you make belongs to you. Your employer
has his own share of whatever profit you make.