Can I Open A PayPal Nigeria Account That Receives Money

With 200 million active accounts worldwide, PayPal is one of the fastest means of sending and receiving payments easily and faster. Also, you can use PayPal to make payments online for certain services and products without disclosing your card details.

It’s free to setup a PayPal account whereby you can use it to also Shop with peace of mind without disclosing your full financial information.

However in the beginning, PayPal service wasn’t for all countries but around 2014, it extended its services to Nigerians thereby allowing Nigerians to use the service too.

Can I Open A PayPal Nigeria Account That Receives Money

Meanwhile the downside is; at that time of opening the door for Nigerians to be able to use PayPal, the functionality for Nigerians was only to be able to send Payment and not receive Payment.
Many Nigerians who heard about this limitation were confused and hope things would change for good very soon that the PayPal service would soon extend full functionalities for Nigerians but it doesn’t.

As at this moment, a lot of users are searching online and wondering as to whether it’s possible to open a PayPal Nigeria Account That Can Send and Receive Money in which we’re going to proffer the answer for that right here on this post.
But before then, for those who are not yet aware of how to open a PayPal account, below is how to;

How To Open A PayPal Account In Nigeria

Step 1: Goto
Step2: Now click on Signup and enter your Information
Step 3: Proceed with the remaining information and follow prompt instructions
Step 4: Now go to your inbox to verify the email that which you supply with them and viola, you now had a PayPal account!
NOTE: You need to add your Debit cards to your account so you can easily make payment for products or services.

Can I Setup a PayPal Nigeria Account That Can Send and Receive?

The answer is NO and NO!
You cannot open a PayPal Nigeria account that can send and receive payment because the full functionalities have not been extended yet to Nigeria.
When you open a PayPal account in Nigeria, the options provided for the account is only to make payments and not receive payments. Thus, when you add your Debit card to the account, you can easily make payment on other site without disclosing your Debit card information.
Hopefully according to various sources, the PayPal teams are working on adding the “Receiving Payment” functionality for Nigerians on the website.

So if you are an Internet Marketer or you offer product/services whereby people pay would like to pay you via PayPal, you can connect with someone who had a PayPal account that sends likewise receive.