Maxi Gas Cooker Price, Features and Review

Now, I am definitely not implying that the cooker should (or is it would?) be accommodated in the whole kitchen area, what I mean is this.

The current Maxi Gas Cooker Price in Nigeria. Buy the latest Maxi Gas Cooker MAXI 60604B M4 and Maxi Gas Cooker 5050 at cheap price and pay on delivery. Features and reviews on stores are found in stores.

Experience a whole new level of comfort with Maxi Home and Living Products. Maxi’s range of household appliances are durable and affordable and they are designed tom make life easier.

Maxi blends functionality and purpose with unmistakable beauty, making your house a home.

Maxi Gas Cooker Price, Features and Review
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Maxi Gas Cooker Price in Nigeria, Features and Review
Key Features

50 CM * 50 CM

Maxi Gas Cooker MAXI 60604B Price = Jumia or Konga
Key Features

60cm x 60cm
3 Gas Burners, 1 Electrical Burner
Colour: Black
Glass & Stainless Steel
Ignition Button
Oven Light

The right choice for families is the Maxi Gas Cooker 3 Burners 1 Elect MAXI 60604B M4.‎ Its streamline with it’s black, red, grey, white and green color to compliment your kitchen design‎.

Maxi Gas Cooker 3 Burners 1 Elect MAXI 60604B M4 is ideal to use in homes‎ and restaurants‎.‎

It is made from high grade material that offers superior durability‎.‎ It is also corrosion resistant which means it will remain rust‎-free for a long period of time‎.‎

The LG 4 Burner Gas Cooker MAXI 50504B WHITE is compact, thereby creating more space in your kitchen for other appliances to come in. The finishing on this 4-burner gas cookers helps protect your cooker against rust and extend its functional life making it very unique. Energy is saved because you need less gas to light up your burners due to the availability of the auto ignition burner on this 4-burner gas cooker. hence helping you reduce your gas costs.

4 Burner

The Maxi Gas Cooker 5050 4B is a combination of attractive design, unbeatable efficiency and durability. Featuring a stainless steel finish with glass cover, it comes with 4 gas burners, gas oven and grill. It also features a wire shelf, metal lid and a two-button control and adjustable legs.

With this gas cooker‎,‎ your time in the kitchen will be more productive‎. Maxi Gas Cooker 3 Burners 1 Elect MAXI 60604B M4 is the perfect kitchen appliance for every home‎.
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It is easy to clean and has a strong flame for good cooking. The LG brand has been known for giving customers their money’s worth. Therefore one can be sure to buy this product with no regrets. The LG brand has also served Nigeria for several years, religious users of this brand can testify to the solidity and originality of this brand.