Top 5 Bluetooth Gadgets

Bluetooth technology has been in existence for quite some time now, though it is seen as a fairly new tool.

Recently, almost all gadgets are built with Bluetooth compatibility. Starting from our mobile phones and laptops. There are a lot of nice and fun Bluetooth enabled devices that shows how the Bluetooth technology has grown over time. Bluetooth is named after 10th-century King Harald Bluetooth, who was temporarily able to unite several warring Scandinavian tribes, it is a protocol for short-range wireless communication. Bluetooth technology came into the market in 1999, but the sales were slow due to its high price and its inability to connect with other devices that made use of it. Though researchers have spent good time to get Bluetooth devices to play nicely, and the technology is enjoying newfound popularity among the mobile users.

While Version 2.1 is the most recent Bluetooth specification, most of the devices on the market today haven’t caught up, but that shouldn’t call for panic, Bluetooth 2.0 products will reliably work together with hassle-free setup.

For those with a Bluetooth-less laptop, there is nothing to be afraid of. There are variety of USB adapters that can be plugged into the laptop and connect to any of the Bluetooth accessories. Some companies including Kensington have made plug in Bluetooth module available.

Top 5 Bluetooth Gadgets
Photo Credit: Your Gadget Expert

Below are some Bluetooth Gadgets that will be considered today.

1. Kensington Vo200 Bluetooth Internet Phone

This gadget cuts communication costs, it connects to handsets via Bluetooth to a laptop and redirect calls over an inexpensive voice-over-IP (VoIP) service like Skype or Google Talk. This device works only with windows XP PCs, using the laptop’s Bluetooth gear to connect. With the laptop connected to a broadband, calls can be made and received at anytime. It is one of the smallest and lightest handsets known with easy setup that takes less than 25 minutes in a laptop, its audio quality is superb and is as good as the wireless VoIP phones that is very extensive. It has a strong battery that last for about three hours of calls with a range of about 25 feet. The disadvantage of this gadget is that it lacks a screen or keyboard, meaning that all calls must be dial via laptop’s keyboard.

2. Samsung YP-P2 Widescreen Music Player

This is a 2.0 Bluetooth enabled device capable of pairing with compatible headphones, stereos and speaker systems within a range of 32 feet. This device has nice features like video playback, large touch screen and a photo text viewer.

3. Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5500 Revolution

This is a sleek and easy alternative to office clutter desktop set including a a wireless mouse and keyboard. The mouse and keyboard here are neatly designed with variety of features. The basic and most interesting thing about these device is that both mouse and keyboard gives room for wireless connections of about 30 feet distance from the desktop, this makes it an excellence gadget in the office.

4. Parrot DS1120 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

Perfect solution for music lovers especially those who prefer quality sounds on a wireless device. The speaker has 30-wat power output and a class-D amplifier compatibility. This Bluetooth Speakers product versatility and modern design makes it stand out.

5. Motorola T815 Navigation Unit

A nice navigation unit, this is a perfect device for those who need a little sense of direction. The gadget is fast-charging and very portable. It makes a perfect march when used in collaboration with a bluetooth enabled smart phone.