6 Super Ways in having a Secured Online Transaction

Most purchases are being done online and this calls for having a secured online transaction in order to have your data safe. Online stores or e-commerce sites make use of the master card as a means of payment in the internet marketing. It is painful to have scammers in the internet world that are capable of stealing vital data from your master card. Online transactions come with its own risks and here we are going to see ways in having a secured online transaction.

6 Super Ways in having a Secured Online Transaction

Below is a list of helpful ways of having a secured online transaction

1. Secured online transaction: Online Banking

Several banks in the world now have online services. This helps customers in monitoring their account balances, transfer money, and buy airtime. The commonwealth bank has over 2.6 million people that make use of their online banking. In order to have an online banking, you have to make use of your account and a well-secured password.

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2. Secured online transaction: Picking a Secure Password

There’s an equilibrium between using multiple characters, different case password with numbers in it.  This will make your details secured in carrying out online transactions. In the case when your password is short, online hackers can hack your details. In having a secured online transaction you have to consider the type of password you want to use.

3. Secured online transactions: Avoid using public computers or Wi-Fi

Whenever you are using public Wi-Fi, you have to be aware that someone can access your account and your password through your browser. If you are going to do anything that involves you to log in, know you are placing account details in jeopardy. You have to conscious about this act not fall into the hands of hackers.

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  1. Secured online transactions: Apply authorized anti-virus software

Even Apple users need to purchase anti-virus software that is licensed already. What you have to do is to check for regular update. You can set your device to you check for update and inform you automatically. Don’t set your device to download this update automatically because downloading it manually secures your devices from viruses and malware.

  1. Secured online transactions: Make use of Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

The VCC is a Virtual Credit Card. This card emerges efficiently while carrying out online transactions without sharing your debit card or actual credit card information to the retailer site. It is a onetime available credit card that has a low balance depending on your demand. For instance, if you want to buy something of $100, you have to generate a VCC of that particular funds and use it to make payment on

6. Secured online transaction: Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency is the new trend in the internet world. We have different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Dashcoin, Adacoin, Litecoin and lots more. in cryptocurrency, transactions are faster than the banking sector. Sometimes, in the banking world, transactions can take up to 5 days to go into effect and a lot of customers are not happy with it.