How to Start a Food Restaurant Business in Nigeria

Overview of Food Restaurant Business in Nigeria

A restaurant also called eatery or canteen in Nigeria is an establishment in which food is sold and served at a fixed price to the public. Setting up a restaurant is an awesome idea especially if you’re an awesome cook. This business initiative has been making money for millions of years for over five decades now, with a tremendous amount of profit. Up to ₦30,000 daily and you can add other small businesses like fast food, beer parlor, bar, cooking services etc. Unlike  Computer Training  business and Pure Water Business in Nigeria Restaurant business is time consuming, and you must be well prepared.

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This business can be started on a small input. You can invest with a little amount of money to start it up and watch it grow gradually into a bigger business after some months or years.
This is also a good business because people must eat no matter what and how hard the condition may be in the sense that food is a basic need. So, there is a constant demand for your services no matter the place or location. So, now that I’ve got your attention, How does one Start a Food Restaurant in Nigeria?

1. Be an Awesome cook
As stated earlier, setting up a restaurant will be a good business for you, if you are an awesome chef or cook. Selling terrible meals is a bad idea and buying from others to resell is even a terrible idea. Before you take up the responsibility of owning a restaurant. Instead practice more, go to catering school or watch YouTube tutorials.

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2. Get all your Restaurant Utensils and Accessories
Ok, you’ve learnt how to cook. You’re not going to run that business using your personal kitchen equipment instead go get some for your business. Deep frying pan, extra large sized shifter, washing hand bowls and napkins, liquid soap, plates preferable ceramic & breakable glass plates and the rest.

These equipment’s will make your services stand out and ₦50,000 should be enough to cover these expenses.

3. Get a Spacious Environment
Most of the people who take their meals in restaurants won’t eat their meals in a tight place with poor ventilation and a place which is close in proximity to leaky pipes and drainage (gutter).

Instead, rent/buy a neat and spacious environment (that you can afford, don’t be greedy and careless) that would meet the need of your customers and yours too. Also, don’t forget to furnish, paint, get table mats, ceiling fans and the rest. All this should cost about 200K, it’s nothing compared to your earnings. And do ensure it is a shop is located where a lot of activities are taking place i.e. Market, car park, school, hospital etc.

4. Become Legal
Don’t just open your restaurant and hide in plain sight hoping that the government (Local Government Council) won’t notice you, Make sure you register your restaurant with the Corporate Affairs commission and get your license(s). It will cost you but it’s worth it. The prices for this varies across different Local Government areas (L.G.A) in Nigeria.

5. Encore your Business Plan
I hope that you’re aware of the fact that you ought to have a business plan before you start your business. If not consider any or all of these employing and paying quality workers, minimizing expenses, generating capital, getting your own food stuff suppliers (cheap & reliable) and of course, how to ensure good customer services.

And I’m sure you’ll make a fine restaurant and I will be eating rice and ofe akwu there soon enough.