Top files managers for Android Devices

What are File Managers?

File managers are special applications that can be used to read and analyze a folder, device or gadget contents. These apps are among the most important apps on your device. With them, you can manage and browse your files, find your downloads, check device and storage unit space, manage your storage space, move things around, and a lot more.

It’s no wonder it is an input app in most devices. Even big organizations ensure that files, records, and data are being organized properly to ease the workload in their organization. Picking the best file manager for your Android device might cause a scuffle but we’ve got you covered.

Top 5 File Manager Applications for Android Phones

Here are the Top File Manager Apps for Android.

1. ES File Explorer:

For all Google fan, this is also a product of Google and this file manager app that gives you the best sets of features without adding too much bloat. It is the fastest when it comes to copying & pasting files between folders in foreground and background.

Alongside an elegant design and Sky-blue colour, you also get basic file management features, cloud storage features, NAS support, Zip and Unzip and more. And it absolutely free on the Google Playstore and less than 30MB and it comes free with a text editor for jotting and writing codes.

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2. Amaze File Manager Amaze File Manager:

This is also one of the best in the market which happens to be a new application. It has a simple design for light file browsing. It features Material Design, SMB file sharing, built-in app manager(you and install and uninstall using this app), root explorer, optional in-app purchases in case you want to help fund development and it completely free.

3. ASUS File Manager OEM:

as you well know makes some of the best apps, launchers, boosters, and antivirus applications on the Google Playstore but ASUS File Manager is just exceptional. It is compatible with most devices, cloud storage support.

You’ll also get a clean, simple interface with LAN and SMB support, it support different types of files plus it’s entirely free with no in-app purchases. But there are also some ads and no of root access. Aside from that, it is the perfect file explorer.

4. Astor file browser:

The Astro File Browser made by the Metago, is actually one of the oldest file manager apps and tons of modification have been made over the years. It features include SD card support, you can even browse your installed apps, music, and video, cloud storage support, file compression, app management, and archive extraction (ZIP and RAR), elegant UI and simple usage. It’s also entirely free with no ads and has a beta version as well.

5. Fz File Explorer:

FX File Explorer is a new file manager application and has all of the usual features which a file manager application is meant to have. Media and files preview, multi-window support, network storage like FTP, supports for encrypted archived files.

You get a text editor and supports GZip, Bzip2, and 7zip. It has no adverts or ads on it, neithher is it able to and it doesn’t track your devices. There you have it the top file manager apps file android file and all of them are available on the Google playstore.

So, start downloading and get right down do it. Do you need more recommendations? Do tell in the comment section below.