Top 5 Best Android Apps of 2019


If you’re an Android phone user, you should be very much aware that there can’t be an Android phone for you without android apps. These apps are mobile applications designed and dedicated for your use, and for the smooth running of your android phone running any of the android OS versions.

As the year 2019 is about to run out, we have selected some of the best performing Android apps of 2019 so far, available for your download from popular android market play store.

We have selected the following android apps based on our own experiences testing and using these apps, and also, from popular opinions from many android phone owners and android applications users on the internet.

Top 5 Best Android Apps of 2019


Whatsapp is a free messaging app and one of the most popular apps at the moment. Available for both iOS, Android and other platforms, the application is dedicated to connecting people together through communication. Whatsapp works by making use of your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family.With Whatsapp, you get a fast, simple and secure means of messaging and calling for free.


Showmax brings all the latest movies, series, videos and many more to your android phone or tablet. With Showmax you can stream all the movies available on the web for free. There’s also a premium feature that gives you so much more for very little. Showmax only needs your phone’s internet connection to run, and you’ll have all the trending entertainment at your fingertips.

YouTube Go

YouTube GO is a new app that allows you to browse, download and watch YouTube videos comfortably on your smartphone. This apps avails you the opportunity to watch all your favorite YouTube videos, and save or download them so that you can watch them anytime you want. Amazing right? YouTube GO is the official YouTube app to download and watch videos offline.

Facebook (Lite)

Facebook lite for Android is the official “lite” version of facebook app, both owned by Facebook. The lite version is a smaller size app that reduces the amount of device internal memory occupied, and also offers a simple and user friendly experience to users. You can try it out by clicking on the download button below.


Zedge is an Android app that gives you thousands of cool wallpapers and ringtones for free. You can select from different available categories and download with just one click. Try Zedge out now, click on the download button below.

Opera News

Opera News helps you stay up to date by bringing you headlines and news from around the world. This light weight apps keeps you updated by notifying with the latest available news the moment it is broadcasted or published.

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Opera News is very useful these days when people hardly have the time to sit back and watch news on TV. You get the chance to read all the latest entertainment news, football updates, politics, and many other important details. You can also watch videos of events on this amazing app.

Download from play store by clicking the download button below.

Status saver (for Whatsapp)

Whatsapp users have a common experience of viewing status updates by their friends and contacts. Sometimes, these statuses in forms of videos or images might be meaningful to you, or you might love them and wish to keep them on your phone. You must have observed that saving Whatsapp status from the default Whatsapp app is not possible, and that is the use of this android app called Status Saver. Status Saver enables you save those videos and pictures you view on your contacts status updates.

WordPress app

WordPress app is the official mobile publishing application for WordPress on Android. It puts the power of publishing in your arms and enables you run your wordpress website or blog on the go. For me, this app tops the list of the best apps for Android so far in 2019. Get it by clicking the download button below.

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