How To Watch Nigerian Movies Online

How To Watch Nigerian Movies Online.Nigerian movies are called Nollywood movies as you most likely know… Nollywood is the largest film producer in Africa and they have a huge number of fans for the movies produced. Their fans are not only in Nigeria, but all over Africa and indeed the world. Nollywood has seen significant improvement in their film or video quality, in their acting and in movie funding when compared to the later days. Nollywood now competes with world famous Hollywood and Bollywood. However, there are few illegal sites like Tamilrockers  popular for distributing pirated versions of online movies, the list provided below is free from such inclusions. Nollywood is one of the biggest film producers and most patronized movies from one country by viewers all over the world. And this should come as no surprise considering the population of Nigeria and their undying love for Nollywood movies and for their favorite and famous Nollywood stars.However, if what you’re looking for is How to Watch Nigerian Movies Online, you’re at the right place friend!

This article will be looking at the best ways to watch Nollywood or Nigerian movies online. We will be listing some really reliable online platforms that you can visit to stream movies online or to simply download the movies to your device and Watch Nigerian Movies without  hassle, if the website offers you their download link.

They are;

1. YouTube

Watch Nigerian Movies(Youtube)

A quick Google search of “Nigerian Movies” on YouTube will bring back a whole lot of video results of different Nigerian English, Yorùbá and Igbo movies for you to choose from. If you’re wondering how to watch Nigerian movies online, worry no more. Download the YouTube App on your Android, on your desktop, or your Apple device. Then search for “Nigerian Movies” in the search bar if you’re desire is to watch Nigerian Movies with ease. Tons of Nigerian film and videos will be returned as the result and displayed for you to choose from. So, all you need to do is to click your preferred movie and watch.

Click here now to start watching.

2. Iroko TV.

Image result for 2. Iroko TV. was launched back in 2011 as a website where you can gain access to original and interesting Nigerian movies online. They have over 5,000 Nigerian movies available on the platform currently. is not a free platform though… It is based on subscriptions through paid membership. So, go to, then register and choose a membership plan. Then after payment, subscribe and start watching! You can watch the latest Nollywood movies and series (yes, series!), right on your PC, your phone, your MAC and so on. Undoubtably, this is my best site to watch Nigerian movies.

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3. Nolly Land

How To Watch Nigerian Movies Online


NollyLand is one of the best portal online to download and watch Nigerian movies.The Nolly Land App is available on Google Play Store for Android phone users. It is also available on the different online stores for different devices like on the Apple store for iPhone users. You just go to to subscribe through paid membership. Not only Nigerian movies are available but Ghanaian and African movies in general are also available for you to download. You have to pay to have access to their quality interesting movies.Obviously from my experience, you cant watch Watch Nigerian Movies on NollyLand without little financial involvement. For example, a month subscription cost $5.99. For 3 months subscription, it costs $16.99 and so on. Visit the site for more information or just download their app from your device store.

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4. Naijapals

Image result for Naijapals logos

Naijapals was originally a music website but they’ve recently added rich Nigerian movies for their website visitors to download for free. The interesting thing about Naijapals is that you don’t have to pay to have access to these movies. All you need is your internet connection or WiFi connection and you are ready to download! Though the movies available there are not as much as those available on the paid platforms.
You can go to the video/movies section of their website by clicking here

5. TV Nolly

Related image

Tv Nolly is the best place for every Nigerian to watch and download Nigerian movies. They have lots of Nigerian movies to download. You can download  and watch or stream online depending on your preference. TV Nolly is one of the leading sites you should consider in order to have access to quality Nigerian movies to watch. Click here to gain access to their contents.

6. Ibaka TV

Image result for Ibaka TV logo

iBAKATV is the world’s largest online catalogue of Nollywood movies, with over 15000 to 50000 movies. There are lots of New Blockbuster Movie Showing Now On IBAKATV. Kindly visit  their site by clicking here to access their free Nollywood movies and download or stream live. The movie website is easy to navigate,and is very user friendly and understandable.


Image result for WNMO

This is another website that you can trust for your authentic Nollywood movies. WNMO which means Watch Nigerian Movies Online. This website is free to access and you don’t need to pay any money to access their exclusive Nigerian movies online. Just go to to see more.

8. Real Nolly TV

Image result for Real Nolly TV logo

Real Nolly TV is another top quality website that allows you to have access to Nigerian movies. And you can also watch African movies and series in general on RealnollyTv Visit their website and start watching beautiful Nigerian movies now!


We sincerely hope we’ve been helpful to you by providing you the answers you were looking with regards watching of Nigerian movies. The eight websites we listed above are top quality websites you can trust for your funny, captivating and interesting Nigerian movies. All you need is to visit the website attached to the site you prefer and subscribe to their contents! Happy movie binging!