Some people prefer outdoor activities or sports to watching television or playing indoor. For such people, airsoft is a very nice sport that can be played. Airsoft is played with friends, families or special teams in professional airsoft bases. It creates real bonding time and serves as a very great pastime. However, regardless of where you are playing or who you are playing with, no one wants to be the kid that took school assignments to a family vacation. No one wants to look like the easiest spot or weakest link in his team. This article will serve as a thorough guide to how to airsoft like a pro. You might have been always in awe of that friend, teammate or opponent who never fails to complete his missions and also been hoping you were half as good as him, this can just be your final and best stop.


To know how to airsoft like a pro, there are four basic steps that must first be considered. They are:

  1. Get Suitable Goggles

Airsoft is not a  dangerously outstanding sport but it is not the friendliest either. The eyes without doubt are very fragile and precious and that is the reason your first step is to get suitable goggles. In fact, if playing for a professional base, you will not be allowed to play without goggles. Why then not equip yourself when you’re playing with friends? A pellet can damage your eyesight. No one is asking that you put on sun shades. There are special googles for airsoft that can be ordered or bought in any Walmart store. Some features that you can look out for in goggles are the ability to defog, possession of adjustable straps and soft padding for the eyes.

Mesh goggles are prohibited as the shards of glasses can be easily shattered and a piece can get into the eye. Safety goggles should be avoided too. They have some spaces through which pellets can hurt the eyes.

Suitable airsoft goggles can cost as high as  $120 but can also be as  low as $70.

  1. Get Your Gun

Of course, guns! Without guns, you completely miss out on the fun of airsoft. What would you probably so without it? Call the hits? Although, the techniques and skills of the gun handler matter more,  it is paramount to get one you like.  There are several airsoft guns that you have to choose from.  However, due to the wide range of available options, it is best to first consider your choices carefully.

The design of your gun is a feature to be considered. People have diverse preferences and even with the same velocity and firepower, the design of the gun can affect the player using it. It is advisable that you select the design or look you prefer the most.

However, your budget is also very important. Airsoft guns cost up to $700 but you can get one of $250. Specialized companies will charge more but you do not need them if the common ones satisfy your need.

It is also sensible to select a gun that is in harmony with your environment. That is, a gun that can easily be camouflaged. The crux here is to select the gun that you will be satisfied with.

  1. Acquire Your Gear

A foot soldier would never be on the battlefield without his helmet and that is why you must also be in your proper gear for your airsoft war. You need clothes that can keep you safe and enable you do some stunts as you play.

Your first stop should be a boot store. It is not compulsory that you obtain high-end military boots that can cost up to $150. Waterproof boots can always do the tricks as they well suited for every weather or environment you choose to play in. These boots can be gotten for as low as $50.

Your arms will require protection too. You are going to roll and dive sometimes and it therefore is important that you wear clothes with protective sleeves. Camo jackets are especially okay as they can prevent your arms from bruises and tears. You can get matching camouflage pants and jacket to stay hidden in some areas but it is not compulsory.

You can also obtain a chest rig or a bulletproof vest that protects the chest and helps you hold ammunition. This may not be too important though and it costs between $100 – $20.

It is necessary to note that you do not require all these gears to have fun in airsoft, just your goggles and gun are enough, but if you are to know how to airsoft like a pro, you will need them.

  1. Find A Suitable Site To Play

Having gotten your goggles, gun and other gear, getting a site to play on with friends and families is the next step.

Airsoft arenas are easily found in many cities. Fields for play usually have obstacles such as rocks, abandoned machines, trees and others. It is not allowed to play in public areas as properties can be damaged and hence, soil the image of airsoft.

You can also play in your backyard or a farmland. Constant playing in these fields will prepare you for professional arenas since your aim is to play like a pro.


Following the above steps will make you a professional airsoft player but it might not be enough to carve your reputation. Airsoft is a sport of trust and that highlights why rules have to be adhered to.  To become better and even the best, you must make sure to adhere to the rules and regulations guiding the sport. This will increase your professionalism. Here are some rules to be followed:

  1. Your pistols must remain in holsteres whenever you are not on the field. Also, all your weapons should have barrel bags that cover them in order to avoid accidental discharges. This will go a long way to increase your professionalism.
  2. All your equipments should be attended to at all time. Do not leave your gadgets lying about carelessly. Your pro status depends a lot on how you handle your stuff.
  3. Play safely. Be safe and help others to be safe. Call for a ‘cease-fire’ immediately you notice that a player is hurt. When a player loses his goggles, do not capitalize on it. Play with honor and allow him to replace his goggles.
  4. In the event of a ‘cease-fire’, remain where you are. Do not cheat. Also, tuck your weapons in during a ceasefire. Resume the game only after the staff or referee gives the nod to continue.
  5. In case of an injured player, call for medical assistance. Do not do anything you are unsure of.



These are rules that guide how you play against your opponents.

  1. Do not shoot an opponent in the head or neck. It is considered dangerous to do so and although the head and neck are covered most times, it is still safer to avoid shooting at them at all.
  2. Avoid discharging your BBs in a blind manner. Remain conscious of who and in what direction your pellets are going. You are not to just close your eyes and go on a shooting rampage. You can even hurt your teammates if you shoot blindly.
  3. Know that all contact with the opponent’s pellets are counted as hits. Do your best to dodge BBs. However, when hit, declare. This will increase your professionalism. Note that hits include shots at backpacks and vests.
  4. Do not communicate with your teammates after you have been hit. The dead does not whisper or gesture.
  5. Be in possession of your red kill rag always. Your kill rag is the flag you show when you have been hit. You can be disqualified if you do not have it. It can also cause confusion for teammates and opponents. Remember, you are a pro, act like one.
  6. An even clearer way to mark your status as a pro is the ‘safety kill’. This is the call that you make when you have an undeniable advantage over an unknowing opponent within 10 feet of him. You are not obligated to make this call but making it will further cement you as a pro.
  7. Lastly, have a good sense of sportsmanship. When you are hit, call it. It is not in your right to call the hit of another person. In case you suspect a cheating player, the referee should be your call.