Civic Education Examination Questions for Junior Secondary School JSS1

Civic Education Examination Questions for Junior Secondary School JSS1


SUBJECT:               Civic Education

CLASS:                     JSS I

TIME:                         2 hours

INSTRUCTION:       Attempts all questions in section A and any 3 in section B

1.       Civic education has the following as its components excepts (a) Responsibilities (b) Rights  (c) Freedom of citizens (d) Self reliance

2.       The love for one’s country is known as (a) Obedience  (b) Honesty  (c) Patriotism  (d) Sectionalism

3.       A virtue which makes people to avoid fraud, cheating and crookedness is called _________ (a) Hardwork  (b) Tolerance  (c) Honesty  (d) Obedience

4.       The process of education, which helps students to know their rights in the society is called (a) Constitution  (b) Civic education (c) government (d) Social studies

5.       Educational institutions are places where (a) People participate in music and dance (b) People fight and win prizes (c) Learners develop skills and acquired more knowledge (d) Learners go for fashion

6.       The rights of the individuals are always written in the _____ (a) Constitution (b) Law court (c) Club rules (d) Acts of parliament

7.       Which of the following can result from lack of co-operation? (a) Advancement (b) Tolerance (c) Conflict  (d) Orderliness

8.       The total submission to an authority, person or law is known as _____ (a) Integrity (b) Honesty  (c) Hard work  (d) Obedience

9.       Failure to make people to work together toward a successful achievement of goals and objectives of a group is called _____ (a) Conflict  (b) Lack of co-operation (c) Inefficiency  (d) Co-operation

10.     “ I pledge to Nigeria my country, to be faithful, loyal and ____ (a) Honest  (b) Congress (c) Earnest  (d) Ernest


Answer 3 questions only from this section.

1a.     What is Civic education?

b.       Mention 5 reasons why the study of civic of education is necessary in secondary schools.

2a.     What are Right?

b.       State any 5 fundamental human rights that you know

3a.     Define the term Co-operation

b.       Mention and explain 3 effects of lack of  co-operation in the society

4a.     What is Honesty?

b.       State 5 benefits of honesty

5a.     Explain Dishonesty

b.       List 5 effects of dishonesty in the society.