Geography Examination Questions for Senior Secondary School SS2|

Geography Examination Questions for Senior Secondary School SS2|

  • SUBJECT:               Geography
  • CLASS:                     SS II
  • TIME:                         2 hours

INSTRUCTION:       Answer only 3 question in this section and all questions in section B

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1.       Any mass of water flowing over the land surface is known as ________ (a) River Erosion  (b) Running Water  (c) River Channel

2.       The materials carry during the process sod erosion is known as (a) The load  (b) Stream order (c) Ox-box lakes

3.       _____ begin at the sources of the river near the water (a) The upper course (b) The Middle Course  (c) The Lower Course

4.       This is form as a result of vertical corrosion of erosion of the river (a) V. shape valley  (b) Gorge  (c) River capture


5.       _____ are blow over limited area for a short period of time (a) Breeze (b) Sea and land (c) Local winds.

6.       _____ are also called depressions and are confined to temperate latitude (a) Cyclone  (b) Typhoons  (c) Tornadoes.

7.       Glacier does much of its erosive action through the following (a) Plucking, Abrasion and Sapping (b) Abrasion, freezing and sapping  (c) Plucking, sapping and bultom.

8.       Nigeria climate is affected by two main air masses these are _______

9.       Which system of climatic classification divide the hemisphere into three broad area

10.     The major features produced by wave erosion are called (a) Cape and bar (b) Ox-box lakes (c) Costal cave and chalks


Answer only three questions in all

1a.     Define Running Water

b.       State at least four factors influence the action of running water

2a.     Either you write on the characteristics of upper course of the river OR you write on the characteristics of lower course of the river

3a.     Draw a diagram to explain the middle course of the river

4a.     A winds is air in motion discuss

b.       Mention at least five types of local winds

5a.     Identify five major climatic groups which correspond with the five principal vegetation group

b.       State at least two merits of kopper’s classification  and two demerits of kopper’s classification of climate.