(Dragnetnigeria.com)Dragnet solutions aptitude test questions: How to pass it?

(Dragnetnigeria.com)Dragnet solutions aptitude test questions: How to pass it?

Dragnet solution aptitude test questions  – what do they look like? If you have received a text message from Dragnet, then you need to start practicing for the test immediately. You have to understand that everyone can pass this test successfully. In 90% of the cases, the reason why people do not take the test is because of the inadequate practice. If you don`t want it to be you, then you must be ready for testing! This article will give you some clues!

What is Dragnet Solution Limited?

Dragnet is a recruitment body that creates aptitude tests for different companies in Nigeria. If you are a job seeker, then it is very likely you will need to take the test at some point. And as such practicing with relevant dragnet solutions questions is a good idea if you want to pass the Dragnet solutions test successfully.Honestly, most people failed to pass the dragnet solution test because they did not have enough practice time. Some of them do not even know anything about the test format and they end up spending too much time figuring it out on the day of the test. Remember that time and accuracy are two most crucial things to remember when passing the test. Therefore, when you are practicing, try to focus on these two aspects! Another main part you need to study is the GSE test format.

GSE test format

Graduate standardization exam is the system that will eventually replace all the aptitude tests in Nigeria. It`s very similar to the general method Aptitude Test, who is from the UK. Employers and many other testing companies base the structure of their test on this format. It assesses the capacity of the prospective employee. This test format is very simple and consists of three parts:

Numerical Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

Abstract Reasoning.

There are 56 questions in the test, and you will be given two hours to complete it. Dragnet Solutions Test Format

Dragnet Solutions Test Format

Practically all jobs in Nigeria consist of various sections, apart from the basic English language, General section/Current affairs and Mathematics section that we all know, few other major sections of recruitment test exams are highlighted below;

  • Quantitative aptitude test sections--This test measures your mathematical reasoning proficiency and capacity. It includes the following, Data sufficiency test, quantitative reasoning test, Numeric reasoning test, Number series test and Data interpretation test.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test Sections– This section measures your verbal capacity and proficiency. It includes the following sections, verbal reasoning test sections, logical and critical reasoning, passage completion test, Grammatical expression test, synologic test, Sentence completion test.
  • Diagramatic Reasoning Test Section-This section of aptitude test test your ability to describe and explain diagrams perfectly. It includes Diagramatic reasoning test, Flow Chart test, Diagramatic pattern test, Figure matrix test sections and pattern recognition test section as well, cube counting test sections, letter series, symbol plug in test, Hidden figures test sections, Solid figures turning test, Mirror image test, water image test and figure series test section.
  • Management Aptitude test Skill section-This set of aptitude test measures your ability to handle certain managerial positions and job situations. Also your ability to manage certain situations at work place.Questions and answers in this section includes, Business knowledge test, Supervising test section, Accounting practice test section, Financial management test section, Human resource management test section,Marketing management test section.
  • Engineering skill Test Section-This will practically test your skills in basic engineering mathematics and engineering skills which you’ve learned through out your undergraduate studies..Aptitude test questions in the Engineering skill test section includes, Petroleum technology skill test, Helicopter knowledge test,Aviation information test, Computer software test, Environmental engineering test, Mechanical engineering test, Chemical engineering test, Electrical Engineering test, General Engineering Test, Technical Ability Test.
  • Graduate Physcometric Test
Like I said earlier,Dragnet is a recruitment body and they conduct pre-employment aptitude tests for several companies. As a graduate job seeker, you would likely have to face a dragnet test during your job search. It is a good idea to start practicing early for this test Practically, Knowing what to expect from the  job aptitude test is the key to passing it without hitches. You will need to find Dragnet Solutions test questions from previous years. Search for books that contains previous tests. Some of them can be found for free on the internet, while you may need to pay for others. Who uses this test? Dragnet Solution Materials Dragnet administers tests for a wide range of companies in the following sector:
  • oil companies jobs,
  • engineering related jobs,
  • selected bank jobs (eg: Ecobank, Skye bank) and
  • some companies.
Dont wait until you are invited for a Dragnet test to start preparation. Most candidates who fail the test did not do enough practice.

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