Urban Planning Principles Exam Questions for Second Semester 2018 / 2019 Session

Urban Planning Principles Exam Questions for Second Semester 2018 / 2019 Session

  • Code:    128
  • Course:  Urban Planning Principles
  • Time Allowed: 2 ½ hrs
  • Instruction:  Answer question 1 and any other 3 of your choice

1a. A region includes a territory lying within easy roads such as 15-50km and containing a number of villages and township. Explain critically the concept of a region                         

b.       List and explain the three types of region                         

c.       State two objectives of building new town                                     

2a.     Identify explicitly six(6) reasons why regional planning is necessary                                                                                

3a.     Outline four (4) features of a satellite town                                   

b.       Discuss the main objective of regional planning                    

c.       Differentiate between a town and city                                      

4a.     Define the term “urbanization”                                                      

b.       State six (6) key strategies for rural                              

c.       Urban population grows in two ways. List and explain                

5a      Write short note on “Development Plan                            

b.       The process of obtaining planning permission for erection  of a

building  is accompanied by four (4) certain document. List them 

c.       State four(4) methods of enforcing development control in Nigeria 

6.       List and explain briefly six(6) factors impeding effective plan implementation in Nigeria.                                                 

7.       Write short note on the following

          a.       Planning Standards

          b.       Building Regulation

          c.       Land Subdivision Plan

          d.       Zoning

          e.       Reservation

          f.       Development Control                                            

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