Property Development Exam Questions for Second Semester 2018 / 2019 Session

Property Development Exam Questions for Second Semester 2018 / 2019 Session

  • Code:   EST 325
  • Course: Property Development
  • Time Allowed: 2 ½ hrs
  • Instruction: Answer question 1 and any other 3 of your choice

1a. State and explain extensively six (6) practical ways of solving housing policies in Nigeria                                                                           (18 marks)

b.  Highlight four various problem facing housing finance           (4 marks)

2a.  Considering the example of construction of  a residential house. The following are some of the activities involved in the construction of a residential building

          Activities                                                              Time Required

          Digging of Foundation            –                            3 weeks

          Pouring Foundation concrete  –                            1 week

          Construction of block walls    –                            10 weeks   

          Construction of Roof              –                            3 weeks

          Fixing of doors and windows  –                            1 week

          Digging of wall                        –                            1 week

          Plastering and finishing of walls                          2 weeks

          Floor Finishing                                                     1 week

You are to transfer the above activities into bar chart, and also identify these logical sequence                                                                    (9 marks)

b.   State three tools for estate plan                                     (3 marks)

3a.  An investor wishes to invest in a real estate project and he consult  you as a real estate professional for advice as well as carrying out project development on his behalf. State and explain the eight(8) stages you will apply to achieve the clients objectives                                         (8 marks)

b.  Highlights  two characteristic  of a critical path method                   (4 marks)

4.  List and explain six (6) Types of survey to development                 (12 marks)

5.  Explain three (3) Objectives of National Housing Policies      (6 marks)

b.  State six duties of a project manager                                                ( 6 marks)

6.  Various governments have made effort to intervene in the Housing crises in Nigeria. List and explain four (4) breakdown of government intervention

          (12 marks)

7. Write short note on the following

          i.        Project Scheduling

          ii.       Bar chart

          iii.      Estate Planning

          iv.      Optimistic time estimate

          v.       Pessimistic time estimate

          vi.      Housing Policies                                                   (12 marks)

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