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Instructions:        Answer  all questions in SECTION A and FIVE questions in SECTION B. marks will be awarded to neatness in draugh manship . Each question in Section A is followed by four options, choose the correct option for each question and shade the correct answer corresponding to the option you have chosen in your answer sheet.   


  1. The application of a scientific know-how to solve societal problems is referred to as ______  Arts   B. Culture  C. Technology D. Drawing
  2. The portion on the paper set aside for necessary information such as size, name of object, name and date of drawing is called the _________ A. Borderline Drawing space C. Title block  D. Information  table
  3. For safety purpose a good workshop should have the following EXCEPT _____ A. A very smooth and tiled floor Adequate ventilation  C. Effective space allocation  D. Correct ceiling height
  4. Which of the following is NOT a reason for studying technology? A.Acquisition of skills B. Safety C. Pride  D. Self empowerment
  5. Distance “P” in the sketch below measures ___________mm

A.22mm   B. 29mm  C. 0.26mm  D. 28.3mm

  1. Protective clothes are worn in the workshop to ensure _____ to the workers Accident  B. Safety  C. Wetness  D. Fashion
  2. Technological growth of any society encourages A. Dependency
  3. White Collar jobs C. Industrial strike D. Self reliance
  4. The polygon drawn below is referred to as _______

A. Heptagon B.Pentagon  C. Hexagon D.Octagon

10. Which of the following is a good conductor of heat? A. Rubber B.Copper C. Wood D. Ceramics

  1. All of the following are engineering materials EXCEPT ______ A. Metal Ceramics  C. Air   D. Rubber
  2. Which of these appliance does NOT belong to the group? A. Electric cooker Water heater   C. Electric fan  D. Electric iron
  3. A car can be lifted by one of the following simple machines A. Wedge lever  C. Screwjack   D. Inclined plane
  4. The property of metal that gives it shinny appearance is called ______ A. Ductility  Elasticity  C. Lustre   D. Malleability
  5. The development of technology in any country requires a great deal of _____ A. political campaigns Interest, determination and hardwork  C. soicalamenities D. Cultural jamborees
  6. The tool drawn below is a typical example of _____ tool

A. Wordwork   B. Metalwork  C. Driving  D.Ceramic work

7. An alloy is defined as __________ A. The simplest form of a chemical reaction   Element  that are very reactive in nature  C. A combination of two or more metals   D. An electronic configuration of elements.

8.The triangle shown above is ________ A. equilateral B. Isosceless  C. Acute D. Scale

9. An arrangement that makes work simple with less stress is called ____ A. Iron Hammer   C. Deciduous  D. Machine

10.The correct definition of mechanical advantage, M. A is ____ A. Load-effort Load + effort   D. Load  effort   D. Load x effort

11.The following are natural resources for transferring technology EXCEPT _____ A. Machine trees  C. Crude oil  D. Gold

12.An electric kettle has a body made of ______ A. Wood Alluminum  C. Steel  D. Rubber 13.The purpose of mechanical advantage in a machine is to ______ A. Avoid stress on the machine B. Check the efficiency of the machine C. reduce the strength of the machine  D. Increase damage on the machine

14. Brass is an alloy of _____ and _____ A. Copper, Zinc Bronze,  tin  C. Aluminium, lead   D. Tin, Silver

15. On drawing sheet, all horizontal lines are drawn with _____ A. Set-squares Ruler   C. Tee-square  D. Compass


Answer any five questions

 1a.     What is workshop safety?

  1. Mention five safe working habit in the school workshop

2a. Define the term technology?

  1. Differentiate between developed and under-developed technology with one economic activity for each.

3a.     What is Mechanical advantage of a simple machine?

  1. Explain the principle of operation of first and second order lever machine with one application each.

4a.     Describe an alloy?

  1. List FOUR types of alloy

5a.     Define the term maintenance

  1. List Three types of maintenance and explain each one

6a.     What is First Aid Treatment?

  1. Calculate the mechanical advantage in a screwjack needed to lift a load 90kg with an applied effort of 15kg.