Razer acquires Ouya (Android game system startup)


 Gaming decoration maker Razer has recently showed it dominance by acquiring
Android game console manufacturer Ouya. Reports had indicated that  Ouya was looking for a buyer, and recently we have  gathered 
positively that  Razer was close to reaching a deal to acquire the company.
Currently, popular  investment bank Mesa Global
has confirmed
that the deal is done, with the bank acting as an advisor to
Ouya during the sale period

Undoubtedly, Ouya was one of the principal companies to unveil  a video game micro-console running Google
Android software. The $100 box was a crowdfunding success story when it was first publicized
in 2012, but by the time it launched in mid-2013, the hardware was a microscopically
long lasting and the selection of games was incomplete.

The Ouya squad has absorbed more on software than hardware for the last few
years, making its game store and user interface available for third-party game
consoles and introducing a subscription-service that lets you play a selection
of games for an annual fee.

Without retraction, Razer launched its own micro-console this year. The
Razer Forge TV is a $100 box that innings Android TV software. Attach and
relate  it to a TV and you can torrent
media, play Android games, or even stream some PC games over your home network
from a gaming computer.This has been tested and proven to be true.
But the company has been consecutively  progressing low on funds while it tries to
find a business model that works… and now it has to compete with newfangled
hardware from companies including NVIDIA and Razer.

Nonetheless the Razer Forge TV has conventional received   from
amazon lousy reviews,
which could elucidate why the company  is
involved in obtaining a company that has been working to bring Android games to
the active  domain  of constant  interaction longer than just about anyone

Photo Credit : liliputing

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