Can salt water prevent pregnancy? – best birth control methods before and after sex

salt water prevent pregnancy
Thousands of girls/ladies out there get horrified/ toppled many times by the thought of having an unwanted pregnancy after having unprotected sex. Concomitantly there constantly romance the Internet/web, searching for ways to prevent pregnancy.
For decades now, people around the globe,Africa and especially Nigeria have actually developed/propagated with the conception that drinking a glass of salty water after having sex can prevent pregnancy.
Does this really works??

Can salt and water prevent pregnancy?

Truly no drinking of salty water, neither douching with it can help you to abstain from getting pregnant. As yet douching may have some beneficial outcomes, as it mechanically washes out the sperm. Be that as it may, it ought to be done amid the initial couple of minutes after sex, while sperm remains thick for a couple of minutes. When it gets thin, it begins heading for the objective with a rapid or unstoppable velocity.
Female hormones in your own body activates the sperm cells and make them move quicker. Really, it builds up the speed of 45 kilometers for each hour. In this way, yes, it is quick and on the off chance that you wish to utilize douching, utilize it directly after the sex.  Salt water is a hypertonic solution consisting of dissolve sodium and chloride ions.
This therefore makes it slightly/readily acidic and does, the potential to react with the spermatozoa cells resulting in complete neutralization. This has not been experimentally proven so far, it still stands as a theory or hypothesis.
Presently, why are there no beneficial outcomes of salt and water after sex? All things considered, in light of the fact that our body cells have uncommon anticipation system for adapting to an excessive amount of salt. They just don’t give it access to the cells for some time and battle it. In this way, drinking a couple glasses of salty water would not do the trap of keeping the undesirable pregnancy.
Rather it can summon certain medical issues. On the off chance that you overcompensate with the salt in water, your chance of  getting quick dehydration is a possibility. Your body needs more water to dispose of the devoured salt than you have inebriated as of now. In the hot atmosphere like Nigeria such an activity can prompt to drying out, cerebral pain, skin issues and even passing in outrageous circumstances.
So understand that drinking of salt water after sex cannot prevent pregnancy. What you have to do is engage in proper calculation. This video will help you in your calculation, together with your safe period.

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