Top 5 Browser Extensions every Blogger must have

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You would agree with me that a Blogger cannot do without a Web Browser extension. Every blogger uses a web browser and will continue using it for as long as He/she keeps blogging.

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However, a blogger’s web browser should look different from the web browser of an ordinary web user because a blogger is a webmaster and a webmaster uses different extensions and tools alongside his web browser to get the best of his website and the web in its entirety.

The recommended web browser for a blogger is Chrome but you can use others like Mozilla or UC browser and they’ll work just fine. Whichever browser you use, they all support extensions and plugins.

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There are some extensions specially designed for webmasters and if you take blogging seriously, you must have these extensions/plugins (Chrome is my default browser so I’ll be using the word ‘extensions’) at your disposal. Actually, a blogger can have as many extensions as possible but in this article, I’m going to discuss only five important ones you need as a blogger. Follow me:


Grammarly is a tool for writers and of course, a blogger is also a writer. Grammarly makes your writing easy by correcting spelling errors. One thing that spoils a blog is spelling errors in a post and when your content is filled with errors, you stand a chance of losing your readers that’s why you need Grammarly to protect you from errors.
Grammarly has both free and premium features. The premium feature offers Vocabulary enhancement suggestions, Plagiarism detector that checks more than 8 billion web pages, and other pro features but you’ll do just fine with the free version.
Grammarly extension integrates into the text box of every web page you visit. If you use blogger editor for writing your post, you’ll see Grammarly icon at the bottom right of the text box.
Grammarly is available on Chrome web store.

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Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot is a tool for taking screenshots while browsing, saving an entire web page and recording videos. A blogger needs this since most bloggers give tutorials/How Tos and might need to show some web pages for illustrations.
To add awesome screenshot extension to your browser, head to Chrome’s web store or click here.


MozBar gives you instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP, allows you quickly assess the Page Authority and Domain Authority of any site or page, find and highlight keywords on a page and differentiate links by type (i.e. followed, no-followed, external, or internal), etc.
Upgrading to the pro version gives you access to premium features like keyword difficulty score for any search term on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and instant web page optimization and content suggestions for any keyword on any web page.
Download MozBar Extension from here.


Pinterest allows you save web pages or images to your Pinterest profile so you can check them later. Pinterest can also help generate traffic to your blog by pinning your post and images. Pinterest has millions of users and if your pins get to users who are interested in it, they tend to click on it and get directed to your blog.
Download Pinterest Extension from here.

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SEOquake is similar to MozBar but it’s completely free. SEOquake allows you to get a full analysis of SERP such as keyword difficulty. It also adds a toolbar to the top of the browser window that shows core metrics like Google index and links, Bing index, SEMrush backlinks, Alexa ranks, social media shares such as Google+ and Facebook and allows you compare URLs.
Download SEOquake from here.

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