How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android
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At times you may have some good reason to switch from iPhone
to Android. You may feel a newly-launched Android phone is best suited for you
in place of your old iPhone. And if the Android device just meets your budget,
you definitely have the reason to opt for it.

Since you’ve been using your iPhone for a long time, it’s
well understood that many important files such as contacts, photos, music and
so forth are on it. But as you now hope to switch to an Android device that
interests you, don’t you think some important files
could be lost?
Verily, important files could be lost while switching from
iPhone to Android. But in order to save your face from this disappointment,
there are various methods specified for transferring files from iPhone to an
Android device. Impressively, many of these methods can be safely used without
the panic that your important files may be lost.
To ease the task of moving contacts from iPhone to Android
without any loss of data, Apple’s iCloud is just one of the best mediums you
can always rely on. Therefore, follow the steps below to use iCloud in moving contacts from iPhone to Android.
Steps to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Using

On your PC, visit the link and provide your login details
(such as Apple ID and password) to access your iCloud account
Go to the Contacts
Choose the contacts you wish to export (NOTE:
Here, you can choose the Select All
option that allows you to export all your contacts at once. Alternatively, you
can select the contacts one after the other in case you don’t want to export
everything. To use the Select All
option, tap the gear-shaped icon)
Now tap the gear-shaped icon for a second time
and click on Export vCard

With that done, a VCF file will be downloaded on
your PC. Meanwhile, all the contacts you chose will be contained in the VCF
Then connect your PC with your Android
Copy the VCF file from your PC into the local
storage of your Android phone
Navigate to Contacts
to import the copied contacts (NOTE: The Contacts
option enables you to choose several locations from which you may add contacts)