How to Cancel Data Subscriptions on Etisalat, MTN, Glo and Airtel

How to Cancel Data Subscriptions on Etisalat, MTN, Glo and Airtel
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In Nigeria, the giant network operators (inclusive of
Etisalat, MTN, Airtel and Glo) offer data plans which users can easily
subscribe to and use for internet surfing. Undoubtedly, this constitutes the
benefits you can derive from any of these network operators.

Average Nigerians always hope to get premium things at
affordable prices. This is actually why some people browse the web severally
for data cheats. Truly there are data cheats which you can obtain at little or
no cost. However, the major setback is that many of these data cheats limit
your browsing or even download experience.
After having used a paid plan (such as Airtel 1.5GB for
#1000) for some while and a friend suddenly introduces Airtel 1GB for #300 to
you without telling you its disadvantages. If your greed for Airtel’s cheap
data makes you switch from your current data plan, you will eventually feel
disgusted to find out that the Airtel 1GB for #300 is just a social plan and
will not work on any browser apart from Opera Mini. If this occurs, you may
need to switch back to your old data plan and doing this requires that you
first deactivate your current data plan.
In this article, you will be shown how to cancel data subscriptions on the top Nigerian networks including Airtel, MTN, Glo and
How to Cancel Airtel Data Subscription

You can easily switch from one Airtel data plan to another
and if in order to do this, create a text message with the word stop and send it to 140. Doing this
will wipe out your current data plan (even if it is not yet due for expiry) and
Airtel will send you an instant message implying this.
How to Cancel Etisalat Data Subscription

Etisalat has two methods for deactivating data plans. You
can either dial the simple code *8229*0#
or create a text message with the word stop
and send it to 229. If you try either of these two methods, Etisalat will
deactivate your current data plan without any hesitance.
How to Cancel MTN Data Subscription

If you’re planning to switch from one MTN data plan to
another, you can deactivate the current MTN plan by creating a text message
with the word reset and send it to
How to Cancel Glo Data Subscription
Like the other networks, Glo allows you to can cancel your
current data plan without any restraint. You may be thinking about opting out
of your current data plan just in order to activate a more preferrable plan. In
that case, create a text message with the word cancel and send it to 127.
With that done, you will receive an in-time message indicating that you have
successfully cancelled your current subscription.