Top 4 Blogging Platforms for Beginners

Top 4 Blogging Platforms for Beginners
Image Credit: Onblastblog
There are a number of blog hosting platforms across the web.
Basically, this makes it awkward for some aspiring bloggers to find the best
platforms they can use in setting up their websites/blogs.

Depending on your preference, the various blogging platforms
out there have their pros and cons. Moreover, some of these platforms offer
free blog hosting services while a few others require that you purchase premium
features. In this article, we’re to review the top 4 blogging platforms for new
bloggers and aspiring bloggers.

Within the blogosphere, is considered the most
popular blogging platform. It has been around for years with millions of users
who can testify to its efficacy. As an open source blogging platform, enables you create and customize your own blog or website. To get
started with, you first need to register with a company that
hosts blogs/websites on
Notably, you’re cautioned never to mistake for which is a free blogging platform. On the contrary,
is a paid-for service which offers you some of the most exquisite blogging
needs you may not find on a free blogging platform such as Blogger and

Blogger is one of the free-to-use blog hosting platforms. It
has a massive user base probably because it is pretty easy to operate. Its user
interface is best suited for any blogger –whether tech-savvy or not.
As a notable point, Blogger is owned by Google and this
gives users the privilege to enjoy reliable security. Although Blogger is an
interesting blog hosting service, it has fewer templates and lacks advanced
customization options.

Wix is one of the existing blogging platforms. As a hosted
platform, it enables you to create and manage your website. To ensure your
website is customized in a reasonable style, Wix uses some of the popular
building tools such as drag and drop. Wix is equipped with a number of added features
such as the Wix Blog app which makes it easy for you to link a blog to your
website. Although Wix gives you access to a free account one of its
shortcomings is that you’re not allowed to divert from the use of a template
after choosing it. is a free-to-use blogging platform provided by
Automatic –a company set up by a founding member of On you can host your blog without being charged but in order to use
several premium features such as additional storage, custom domain, you’re
required to buy them. Though there are restrictions associated with the use of, it is obviously one of the easiest blogging platforms especially
for those who are not tech savvy.