5 Ways You Can Make Money As A Student Apart From Blogging

I guess as a student, there are usually different bills to pay and other financial commitments in which even if you are being sent pocket money from home, sometimes it might still not be enough to handle the bills at school.
    In such cases, having another source whereby you can earn an income can be really handy. Having noticing this, we had decided to share with you some ways whereby you earn income online and offline without venturing into blogging.

5 Ways You Can Make Money As A Student Apart From Blogging

1. Photography – Photography is one of the lucrative skills that which can fetch you income while you’re at School. Most students love to take pictures as souvenir, for memories, and events majorly. There is hardly a day without students taking photo-shoots especially for birthdays, matriculations, convocations, and other sorts of events.
Whether you are a budding photographer who’ve got no permanent shop yet or you’re a professional photographer, as long as you can do your job well, you’ll be able to earn something

2. Lecture Materials – Whenever the lecturer teaches something in class, there are usually a reading material for that lecture either in soft copy or hard copy. If you’ve got some funds, you can get the material in printed form and announce to the class after the lecture had ended that you’ve got the material in case students want to know more about the topic.
However when doing this, do not share the materials which is meant only to be shared by the lecturer or higher authorities.

3. Baking Cakes – Like we mentioned on Number 1 about the Photography skills, baking is also one of the skills that can fetch you something during your stay in school. Students who want to throw a birthday party would like to have birthday cakes baked for them, you can also make small chops, bake buns and anything you dare to imagine for students to consume.

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4. Managing Social Media Account – There are some high profiles company, celebrities, personalities and websites owners who have huge followers on Social Media and would like to have someone manage their social handle for them. You can also partake as a Social Media Manager by using social media tools like Statusbrew and Buffer without interfering with your studies.

5. Buying and Selling – During night class when students would come down to the school to read, all of the traders nearby are usually not around hence making it hard for students to find something edible. If you have the No #3 skills mentioned earlier, you can bring them over to Night class and you’ll be amazed at how students would patronize you.
Apart from during night class, you can also buy something which is not nearby where students are and sell it for them.

And there goes the top 5 ways you can make money as a student apart from blogging.