Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter? Here’s How To Find Out

Nothing makes a typical twitter user cringe than to notice his/her twitter followers count is reducing. And the most confusing part of it when you do not know who those unfollowers are likewise when they did unfollow you.
But you needn’t not to worry about all that anymore as there’s now a perfect social media tool for you to check who your twitter unfollowers are!

Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter? Here's How To Find Out

In our previous post here under the topic twitter, we shared some reasons why you can/might lose your twitter followers in which at the end of the post, i did give an hint that later on in the future, i will be sharing a social media tool that would allow you to know who unfollow you likewise the time that which you lose your twitter followers.
Right here on this post, the social media tool that which you can use to know who your twitter unfollowers are likewise when they unfollow you will be revealed to you.

The One Social Media Tool to Know Who Unfollow You on Twitter 

Statusbrew is a social media tool that allows you to manage and track your connected social profiles performance likewise its growth. With Statusbrew, you can check who unfollow you likewise the time when they unfollow you no matter how long it is.
However the social media tool is not limited to that only as apart from using Statusbrew to check the people who unfollowed you on twitter, you can also use it to;
1. Who Followed Me: You can also use it to check that who followed you on twitter, mentioned you and lots more!

2. Instagram Social Tool: The interesting and cool part is that the Statusbrew Social Media Tool is not limited to Twitter alone but does also supports other social media profiles management. This means you can also see how well Instagram social media account of yours is doing in terms of audience and content

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3. LinkedIn: Known as the biggest professional social network out there that connects you with other people in your line of career, this social media tool also works well in managing your LinkedIn account.
4. Lots more: And other social media profiles!

Why Do I Need To Check Those Who Unfollow Me?

If you run a business online or manage a website in which social media is one of the avenue that which you use to promote your business, it is very important to know how your social media profiles are growing. In order to do this, it’s not something that can be done manually but with the use of certain social media management tool.
While there are lots of social media tools out there for growing a business likewise a website in which we would be sharing some of them with you readers on this blog sooner or later in the future, one of them which you shouldn’t disregard is the Statusbrew social tool.
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