How To Get Notified Whenever Your Website Is Down!

Nothing is as scary as logging on to the cyberspace one day only to discovers that your website is offline. Perhaps maybe the site has been offline for some hours, or maybe it had been down for some days, you might not know.
As a webmaster, one of the most difficult parts of the job is to ensure a website is always online and accessible for visitors. Sometimes a webmaster without the right tools might even have to constantly check his website for more than three times in a day just to ensure that the site is working!

But right here, you’ll get to discover about a certain online tool which allows you to be get notifications instantly whenever your site is down.

How To Get Notified Whenever Your Website Is Down!

DownNotifier is an Online Web tool started around 2011 which allows every website owners to monitor their website uptime and also receive notifications immediately the site went offline. The tool is so popular that it is recognized by Forbes,, ADP, tripadvisor and other big brands.
You can use downnotifier to notify you whenever your site is down or whenever a certain text is missing on your site DownNotifier have three packages for monitoring website which are;

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1. Alerts You When Your Site Is Down
2.  Alert You When The Site Does Not Contain a Certain Text


1. Monitors your site every single minute whereas the FREE PLAN is every 10 minutes
2. Provide more extensive reports
3. Also monitors your site’s SSL Certificate
4. Receive Notifications via multiple recipients
5. Access to Unlimited History
6. Plan cost $14.95 per year for 5 websites


1. Supports SSL Monitoring
2. Receiving alert via multiple recipients
3. Providing 7 days full monitoring logs
4. Monitors your site every 20 seconds
5. Costs $99 per year for 25 websites
6. Extended reports available

How Do I Use DownNotifier?

To get started in using this Monitoring tool, all you need to do is;
Step 1: visit their website at 
Step 2: Register with your email address and choose password
Step 3: Add your website URL and you’re good to go!

BOTTOM LINE: The free account allows you to add 5 free URLS while the premium accounts support more than with a minute monitoring interval. As regards whether you should use this tool or not; we would advise you to give it a try especially when your site’s uptime status has an huge effect on your Online Presence.
Since you cannot be always Online 24/7, this tool will definitely provide you with the ease, flexibility and features to manage your website availability while you relax at your home or anywhere.
If you have any question about this tool, feel free to leave it in the comment box and we’d reply as soon as we can