Revolutionizing Global Cryptocurrency Exchange and E-trade with Binocoin

 Cryptocurrency Exchange and E-trade with Binocoin
 Global Cryptocurrency Exchange and E-trade with Binocoin

Since the advent of the distributed ledger technology, blockhain and it disruptive ability has overtaken the world of finance, different cryptocurrency exchanges have sprouted. 

However, contrary to the fulfilling experience that hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency exchange users enjoyed in the past years, there have been lots of hiccups rocking the exchange world lately, such as major exchanges locking users accounts for months, others prohibiting new users from creating accounts to stories of crash, hacks, and loss of funds and wire transfers, most at the detriment and expense of the users. 

Also, majority of these exchanges only operate as either crypto to crypto exchange or crypto to fiat exchange thus making transaction charge bite off a huge chunk of the user’s fund.
Fortunately, a next generation solution that will put an end to the plague caused by the current system is about to be launched. This solution is proffered by Binocoin platform, a dedicated two-way cryptocurrency exchange that doubles as an e-trade platform and aims to revolutionize the current cryptocurrency exchange world. The platform aims to change the status quo with it token called BINO, a peer-to-peer token that will be operated and protected with the cryptographic technology of the Ethereum blockchain.

By changing the current status quo, exchange and e-trade can be carried out using the platform’s solution and dedicated escrow system at very low fee and with an amazing enterprise grade security. The goal is simple; creation of an exchange and e-trade ecosystem that operates in a democratic manner. 

With Binocoin, platform users can carry out their transaction with ease and at the speed of light. All thanks to the ethereum blockchain that provides a peer-to-peer transaction means that is tamper-proof.

Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange
As a crypto-to-crypto exchange, Binocoin platform will enable a seamless peer-to-peer exchange and trading of cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency at very low remittance fee. It is designed to enable spot trading of cryptocurrencies with great speed, flexibility, and security. Supported cryptocurrencies on the platform includes:

· Binocoin (Bino)

· Bitcoin (BTC)

· Ethereum (ETH)

· Litecoin (LTC)

· ZCash (ZEC)

Crypto-to-Fiat Exchange
Binocoin will also act as a peer-to-peer crypto-to-fiat exchange platform where users can convert their cryptocurrency to fiat (mainly USD) at reduced transaction fee. This exchange is aimed to be a real time market center and everyone will be protected by the escrow system

E-trade with Binocoin
Although anybody from anywhere in the world can put up their product or service without needing physical space and shoppers can easily check for the availability of any product without shuttling between shelves, nor need to worry about the capacity of their cart. However, despite the internet’s monumental effort in eliminating geographical barriers and inventing a whole new online experience, e-trade is still dogged by the same problems hounding traditional brick-and-mortar outlets; reliable payment processing method, service guarantee, customer protection and speed among others

The platform understands that to truly reinvent the current global e-trade system, immediate solution must be provided using a peer-to-peer e-trade method. The platform also has an escrow system in place. This system receives payment made by the seller and only releases it to seller if the buyer is satisfied or if every aspect of their agreement is fulfilled. 

Revolutionizing Global Cryptocurrency Exchange and E-trade with Binocoin

Binocoin e-trade option aims to offer the following:
· Genuine product and service sales

· Security of transactions

· Speed of processing and

· Convenience

All of which are the necessary recipe to maintain trust and ensure satisfaction between buyers and sellers.

Upcoming ICO and Token Sale
The binocoin platform’s token (BINO) is based on Ethereum solidity (ERC20) and will be used as the primary currency for transaction on the platform alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum and others as mentioned in the white paper and since it is smart contract backed, it is bound to fulfill the terms of engagements on the platform, including protecting every parties in the transaction process from breach of trust and fraud as laid down by the escrow system.

Of the 100,000,000 BINO tokens to be created, 10,000,000 will be sold to early adopters and investors at a discount of 20% and tokens may be purchased with Ethereum. The pre-sale begins on the 26th of March through 9th of April and it is advised that you join to enjoy the bonus and discount. 

After the presale, remaining tokens will be sold in the ICO crowd sale from 30th of April to 18th of June at different prices as shown on the website
Revolutionizing Global Cryptocurrency Exchange and E-trade with Binocoin

Every exchange and trade on the platform is recorded to the Blockchain and backed by legally binding smart contracts to ensure the veracity of every transaction, build users’ reputation, and secure all assets and values on the network. 

For more information about the upcoming ICO, bounty offers and more follow the following social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.