Top VPNs That You Can Use to Access US Netflix Contents in Australia

Top VPNs That You Can Use to Access US Netflix Contents in Australia
Netflix in Australia is not as fun as streaming US Netflix. Australian Netflix
has quite a limited number of shows compared to the US version & it kind of
a bad news to the Australians. But wait, if you make Netflix believe that you
live in the US, it is possible for you to access the US Netflix.
a VPN service, you can bounce from Australia to the United States virtually and
browse all their content while sitting at your home. The free services offer
worse speeds which lead to buffering of video & less security which
indirectly means more vulnerability to our private data.
Netflix has blocked some VPNs & they no longer provide US Netflix support
but fortunately there are other VPNs which still support access to Netflix.


is the leading VPN to watch Netflix in Australia. It is well known for the lightning speed that it
provides. If you want to stream videos, you’d want it to run without buffering
& speed plays a major role in that. In addition to speed, it also offers
great security to your connection. It has a router support using which you can
set up the connection once through your router & browse on all your devices
securely & anonymously.


is another top VPN that focuses on your privacy the most. It offers a decent
speed so that you can stream Netflix videos without buffering. It has over 800
servers & makes your connection to the server really quick. You can use a
7-day trial that they offer & further continue using it by paying as low as
$3 per month.


is a VPN service that offers exactly what it says. Along with complete
anonymity by hiding your IP address, you get the required speed & security
to browse the famous Netflix titles.
works with 5 devices simultaneously & works on all major operating systems.

●   NordVPN

NordVPN is well known for the double
encryption feature that it offers. It has a strict no-logging policy &
gives you the highest level of privacy. Well, though it gives great security,
you have to compromise in terms of speed, so consider once before opting for


one cares for you as good as your family. Same goes for VPN services. VanishedVPN
being an Australian VPN service know very well of the demands of their people.
Offering great speeds & security, it is ideal for people in Australia
wanting to stream US Netflix.
that was it for the top VPNs in Australia for Netflix streaming. Read the terms
& conditions of every provider before subscribing & make sure the one
you choose meets your requirements. If you’re still hanging in the middle then
VPNAlert covered this topic in detail. Go to their website for more details.