How to Become a Millionaire Today By Joining the Swiss Golden Warrior Team


Making money has always been a choice, you decide how much you want to make either on a daily basis or weekly basis. some chose monthly  which is solely dependent on their priority as a living entity. Like I always say Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache.


Now if you believe that  the more you learn, the more you earn then lets ride on, because time waits for no one under the sun.

What shall it profit a man if he wastes his whole data on social media without bank alert!?
He shall spend his days in poverty .


Blessed is a man who’s time on net is actually an investment for wealth creation
For he shall spend the rest of his life in Wealth. Think Success, Think swissgolden.


Now let me widen your financial thinking faculty a little. Do you know that “There is a gigantic difference between earning or making  a great deal of money and being rich? Oh yes there is. Waking up in the morning, dressing and getting ready for a work/ job you’re being paid 100k to 300k monthly  can make you feel or think that you’re making or earning alot , imaging telling your friends or relative how fat your salary is ;which is either 100k or 300k monthly…


You will be looking like Demi God to them but on the reality your only earning or been paid well  but you’re not rich or cannot be rich with such handsomely paid amount of money at the end of the month.


“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” – Robert Kiyosaki




Lets ride on friends…are you ready? Hello and wealthcome to the Swissgolden warriors GROUP/club…The tagline is project 2000 millionaires, 365 days.

NOTE THIS:  Swissgolden is not a ponzi scheme but a referral business



Swissgolden was registered on June 14, 2012 in the British Virgin Islands and launched in the market on February 1, 2013. Its administrative offices are located in London, United Kingdom with Information centers in Munich, Germany and Russia.


The company works with very high and reputable Gold Manufacturers and these are: ARGOR. HERAUS, Valcambi, Umicore and Metalor Technologies. However, in November, 2016, the EU granted Swissgolden Corporation the licence to produce gold in it’s own Brand Name SG. We do not sell Electronic gold, we sell pure physical gold.


Swissgolden website is


Presently the Swissgolden Warriors club is running a project to create more people making residual income and turning millionaires within the next 365 days and counting… this project requires we connect to serious minded individuals that would be open to new opportunities.

We have 4 types of investment programs as provided by Swissgolden :

?The Start Program
?The Main Program
?The VIP Program and
?The VIP Plus Program

Now, there are TWO categories which we are looking to offer to those of you who are looking to grow your investment portfolio, start a new investment, grow your business etc.

The first category is the one offered by Swissgolden itself and are as follows;
You can choose to begin your Swissgolden business at any of these entry points:

MAIN START TABLE- €200/N120k to earn N300k
BASIC MAIN TABLE- €740/N450K to earn N1 million
MAIN VIP TABLE – €1,050/N1.5M to earn N3.6 million
MAIN VIP+ TABLE- €2,800/N5M to earn N13 million

On each of the earning platform, you are entitled to earn thrice. For example, on the 450k platform, you are entitled to earn N1 million thrice. Once you have earned thrice, there are other incentives that you are entitled to as well which is the leadership bonus where you earn a basic monthly salary of N1.5 to N2 million monthly for level one.



| |
CAT. A.                              CAT. B
| |
work yourself.                we work for u
Earn anytime.                  Earn 40 days

120K->300K                          100K -> 150K
450K->1million.                    200K -> 300K

1.5M -> 3.6M.                      600K -> 1M
5M-> 13M.                               1m – >1.8M

Let it be noted that the FIRST CATEGORY is for enterprising individuals that are looking to run Swissgolden as a business. We will partner with you and offer suggestions and tips on how you can advance your business.


There is also a SECOND CATEGORY which might interest those that do not want to network but want to invest and have all the work done by us.  The rates for these investment plans are however different;

100k to earn 150k in 40 days
200k to earn 300k in 40 days
600k to earn 1 million in 40 days
1 million to earn 1.8 million in 40 days


MY BENEFIT I will only get 5k to 10k from any amount of money you invest above (From any plan or package you select)

It should be noted that the extra we charge for our swissgolden packages is so we can engage in physical and social media publicity and promotional activities in order that you might be able to earn within the stipulated period.

The various platforms which we use in promoting the several packages of swissgolden are:

Facebook page
Facebook banner
Billboards (across few states for now)
Radio shows




Countless number of people have been earning and giving their positive testimonies. You too will give yours in the next 40 days from now. See evidence of earnings below in Gold plated forms/cards;

More testimonies and evidences  from Our Swissgolden warrior group/forum. To join and start building excess money for your self click here first to join Jaysciencetech forum 
The reason for  joining the Forum above is to ensure swift testimony delivery and interaction with various group members and their post/topics after getting paid.
Next is to send a mail to admin@jaysciencetech with (Interested in Joining SwissGolden warrior group) as  subject line.

Call/Whats app for more information after joining the forum above with your forum username

Name: Johnson ofonimeh
Mobile Number: 08162534441
Email : Admin@jaysciencetech
Blog url:


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  1. how real is swissgolden..cos people have been complaining in respect of getting their withdrawal funds transfered to they local bank

  2. how real is swissgolden..cos people have been complaining in respect of getting their withdrawal funds transfered to they local bank


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