A lot of the technologies that we have been using in the past have been faced off by the
remarkable new technology that we use today. We may not hold back from laughing at them when we reflect on these older technologies.
Let’s look at them.



1. “Super 8/8mm” Handheld Video Cameras
The Super 8/8mm film was invented by Kodak in 1965. Immediately after that, handheld film cameras filled the market.

2. Betamax
Betamax was invented by Sony in 1975, some years before the popular VHS format was
developed as a response to Sony’s attempt to hijacked the format of the industry.

3. Laser Disc Players
This was the olden day’s disc player Initially marketed as “Discovision”, laser discs until the DVD format came out and the laser disc player finds its way out of use.

The phonograph, or what is also called gramophone, was invented by Thomas Edison way back in 1877 and was on the public market through the century. This was later replaced by the less bulky record player in the latter part of the twentieth century.

5. Turntables
This record players which was dominant in their 60s and 70s have been replaced with so modern technologies which msightmusic got its vibes.

6. HAM Radio
During the 20th century. HAM radio find its way into the world scene whereby operators
communicate with each other over shortwave radio. HAM radios have been featured in many popular movies but as technology takes a turn, HAM radio is now obsolete.

7. Reel to Reel
This was the first tape recorders and professional sound designers made it their preferred
choice until digital formats replace them and rendered them obsolete.

8. Cassette Tape Recorders
This invention though outdated were basically less bulky compared to their reel to reel
ancestors, and were used mostly for transcription. But with time slowly walks away giving way to new inventions.

9. Transistor Radios
Basically, transistor radios typically picked up on the AM band only and were a common sight in schools and businesses in the 70s.

10. Portable Televisions

This type of Portable televisions, such as the one called Sony’s Watchman, was an idea that came a little before the ability of the media to catch up to it. It has a limited selection of channels, they never really caught on.